Woo hoo!  Blackbird Iron + Design finally has a website.  Check it out.  They’ve been in business just over two years, and have been able to get steady work without one, but they were always saying “We really need to get a website out there.”  Well say no more!

I always wanted to build their website, but when I was working full time it was really hard to find the time in all of our schedules to make this happen.  But after our friend Sonya at KB Design created the logo and business cards for them this summer, we decided to work together on creating the web site.  I think it worked out pretty well.

Sonya picked a WordPress theme, then created two design options in PhotoShop, and sent them to me.  Then I worked with Todd and his partner to pick the design they liked best, write the copy, and pick the photos to be included.  Then I put it all together and built the site.

I think it was a really smooth process, and so great to work with Sonya.  I hope we can do more projects together.  Anyway, check out the site when you have a chance.  I’d love to hear any feedback, good or bad.  Thanks!

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  1. Website looks great – congrats! Let me know when the Facebook page is live and I’ll “like” it. ;) Want to spread the word about Todd’s beautiful iron works!

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