Boho Bag

Last Friday Todd and Miles headed up to Anacortes to visit Todd’s brother’s family, while Nadine and I had some girl time back home.  I didn’t have anything special planned, only that I knew I didn’t want to spend the whole evening sitting in front of the TV eating pizza.  So I asked Nadine what she wanted to do, and she surprised me by saying she wanted to sew a bag like her friend at school did.  Brilliant! I thought.

So we went through my stash of fabric and picked out a few things she liked.  Then we went on-line to figure out how to make something.   There was so much out there, it was hard to sort through it all.  We came across a totally cool video on YouTube where a lady at the beach makes a new-sew ‘Hobo Bag’ with of a big scarf.  (Check it out.)  We gave it a try with a square piece of fabric we had, but it definitely wasn’t what Nadine wanted, so we kept looking. Finally we found this little gem, from a super cute blog called ‘Crap I’ve Made’.  It was exactly what we we wanted, and we had enough fabric for it.

So we printed out the pattern, pinned it to the fabric, and started cutting.  We folded two pieces of fabric into thirds – one floral patterned piece, one solid white – and cut on the fold.  It was a synch, but Nadine thought it was A LOT of pinning and cutting.  Then we ironed, pinned, sewed, pulled it right-side out, fitted and sewed the strap, and voilà!  In less than two hours we had made a super cute new book bag for Nadine that she loves.

Nadine cutting the fabric

She brought it to school on Monday, and it was a hit, and she was really proud of what she’d made.  I was really proud of her too.  So now I’m totally excited to do some more sewing.  Sew I’ve signed up for a class at ‘Drygoods Design‘ to make a ‘Schoolhouse Tunic‘.  I wish I had enough time to design my own fabric for it, but I think that might be overly ambitious.  Still, I can’t wait…

Nadine unicycling with her new bag.

Nadine with her new bag.

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