For the past month or so I’ve actually had a paying job (woo hoo!), creating another web site.  Again I worked with my friend Sonya at KB Design, used a WordPress template as a starting point, and I have to say, I really enjoyed the whole experience.  My client was my friend Maureen who I met through the ‘Dragon Ladies‘ circle.  She is a graduate from Bastry University who just moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to start her practice as a naturopathic doctor.  Besides being an overall wonderful person, she was so great to work with, and I wish she could be my primary care provider.  Even if she can’t be my doctor, I love all of the links and information on her site, especially on the ‘resources’ page.  Check it out:

Developing this site with Maureen and Sonya was a great learning opportunity for me, and so different than creating Todd’s Blackbird Iron site.  Todd’s site was a lot more about imagery than information, and was actually a little more complicated to pull off because of that.  Working on Todd’s site I didn’t worry about how long things were taking me or how much it was costing.  And I worked autonomously:  writing the copy, choosing the photos, and making design decisions.  With Maureen’s site, on the other hand, she sent me all of her copy and was very involved in the design and overall user experience.  She needed links to external services like MailChimp for newslettters, Bookeo for scheduling appointments, YouTube to embed a vdeo, and Emerson Ecologics for ordering supplements.  And she wanted a mobile-friendly version of the site.  Plus, she was on the other coast, with a three-hour time difference, and a very busy schedule.  Yet she was the perfect client:  savvy, confident, nice, and appreciative.  How lucky for me!

So besides getting to learn more about creating Word Press sites, I’m also getting a lesson in freelancing.  Now that we are wrapping things up I need to think about things like training, invoicing, and maintenance.  And how to get my next job!  Maybe I should be my own next client?  Hmmmm…

If you happen to live in the Chapel Hill area, or know anyone who does, make sure you refer them to Dr. Maureen Dunn at  Thanks!

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