Do What You Love

Does it seem like this message is everywhere these days?  Or am I just seeing it because it’s so important to me right now?  In my first blog posting I talked about how I wasn’t afraid to jump because I had faith in ‘the net’.  Since then, I have been receiving all kinds of inspiration from friends, family, books, blogs, magazines and more, that prove the net exists.  So today I thought I’d share some of them.

A gift of passion: 25 people got the chance to do whatever they wanted

A friend from work sent me this article from the Seattle Times, about an experiment Seattle Center conducted recently, to find out what would happen if people were allowed to do what really interested them.  I wish I could have part of this project!

37 Days

She also sent me a link to the blog 37 Days, that a woman started after her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died 37 days later.  This prompted her to ask herself what she would do if she knew she had only 37 days left to live,  So she started the blog, has written several books, and teaches others how to get the most out of life.  Very cool.

Quit Your Day Job

There is so much inspiration on Etsy, and this same friend sent me a link to a feature on Etsy called ‘Quit Your Day Job’, where they cover people who have been able to take their crafty passions from hobby to business.  I love what these people are doing and the information they are sharing.


Another friend sent me this Etsy link about her friend’s friend who makes clothing and accessories for kids out of recycled cashmere and wool.  I wish I could be this adorable and crafty!

Selvedge Dry Goods in London

This same friend, whom I adore, and who has an amazing eye and love for design, sent me this article from one of her favorite blogs, Remodelista.  She knows I have long had a secret fantasy of opening up a fabric store and this one looks amazing.  Perhaps a field trip is in order?

The Good Life Project

An awesome lady I’ve become friends with because our daughters are BFFs, sent me a link to The Good Life Project.  It’s a site created by Jonathon Fields, who films and posts weekly web-shows that are about people doing meaningful things, and their inspirational stories and ideas.  One of his core values is a commitment to spotlighting stories of strong, innovative, creative women.  Check it out.

Follow a Career Passion?  Let It Follow You

I have a good friend and former co-worker who also recently jumped, and is now a stay-at-home dad while he figures out his next move.  He shared this article from the New York Times, which argues that you shouldn’t follow your passion, but make a choice about what you want to do, work hard, and become valuable to the world:

Coming From a Loud Place

I have another friend who inspires me regularly – just by the way she is.  She sent me this posting by Seth Godin, who I had never heard of before, but am now following his blog, see him everywhere, and love what he has to say.  Apparently he launched Squidoo (which seems a bit like Pinterest to me), and was recently featured on The Good Life Project, which I mentioned earlier.

What if money were no object? 

This is a beautiful video made to accompany a lecture by Alan Watts, a British author and philosopher, who died in 1973.  It was sent to me from a friend who is part of a group of ladies I meet with regularly, to brainstorm and support each other as we try to figure out our lives.

 Women Can Change the World

I subscribe to updates from the Mogul Mom blog (which I highly recommend), and one of the updates had a link to this awesome video.

Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

After watching the Women Can Change the world video, I noticed this video, also from the Grasshopper company, which I think is really beautiful.

12 Signs You’ve Caught the DIY Bug

Oh boy, I’ve got it bad.  Recently I’ve been making my own jam, salsa, pasta, tomato sauce, vanilla, vinegar, Halloween costumes and skin care products.  So my sister sent me this very funny link.

Not all of the inspiration I’ve been getting can be linked to.  I have received so many great emails and comments about my blog.  I’ve had so many great conversations with friends, family, and parents at school.  I’ve been inspired by documentaries I’ve seen, books, and magazines I’ve read.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with my life, but I feel the momentum of change happening all around me.  Is it apparent only in my world, or is this going on everywhere?  Either way, I love it.  It’s totally exciting, and not so scary, knowing I have such a strong net.

Thanks everyone!!!

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