Fait Avec Amour

On Monday I got a flier from the kids’ school saying it was teacher appreciation week, with info on what we might bring for the staff over the next four days of the week.  I set it aside and promptly forgot all about it.  Until the next day, as we were riding our bikes to school, I noticed that everyone was carrying flowers.  Criminy! I am a terrible person.  I thought to myself, I can’t believe I forgot!

Then I did a pretty good job of forgetting again for the next two days.  I didn’t bring any root beer for the root beer floats on Wednesday, and we didn’t make any cards for the staff on Thursday.  Sheesh!  We are truly terrible and unappreciative people.

Friday, today, was ‘homemade goodies’ day, so I tried to make up for it all by sending the kids to school with some homemade vanilla for their awesome teachers.  Way back in October I took some vanilla beans that had been given to me years ago, and put them into a couple of bottles of booze – some in a bottle of bourbon, and some in a bottle of vodka.  They’ve been brewing in the cupboard for months, and every once in a while I take them out and shake them up.  They are definitely done brewing, and have turned into perfectly delicious vanilla extract that I have been using regularly.  It made a lot, so I love sharing it, and I would highly recommend giving it a try. I think I prefer the bourbon-based vanilla extract over the vodka-based, but they both work wonderfully.  I hope the teachers like their gifts.  My kids love their teachers, and we appreciate them so so much.

homemade vanilla

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