Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!

2014 is here and the party is over!  No more staying up late, sleeping in, lounging around, going out for dinner, hanging out with friends every day, having sleepovers all the time, watching too much TV, eating and drinking too much, and not exercising.  Tomorrow it’s back to school, back to work, back to getting up early, exercising, making lunches, shuttling kids to activities, making healthy meals, doing homework, etc.  I’m actually really looking forward to it.  And I’m super excited for 2014.  I think it’s going to be a very good year, and very different from 2013.

Last year I wrote a ‘Reflection, Intentions, and Predictions‘ post for 2012/2013, and my intentions for 2013 were to earn more, get crafty, eat healthy, expand my creativity, de-clutter, exercise, spend more time outside, give my kids freedom to play and do things they love, be good to the environment, and figure myself out.  Was I successful?  Let’s find out…

2013 Reflections

Here are my reflections based on my 2013 intention list:

  • Earn more:  While I earned almost nothing in 2013, Todd gave himself a raise, I had one paying web-development freelance job, and I started charging Blackbird Iron for my bookkeeping services.
  • Get crafty:  I had a few crafty adventures this year.  I made image transfers, did some sewing, put some designs on fabric, and did lots of crafty things as part of my ‘I Never’ project.
  • Eat healthy:  I actually think I lightened up a little on the eating healthy front.  The kids were getting sick of me showing up at school every day with nuts and raisins for their snack, so sometimes I brought a box of crackers instead.  And I let them order root beer when we went out to dinner sometimes.  But we definitely cut way back on our meat consumption, only having meat for dinner about half the time.  We ate a ton of beans, and I think our bean tolerance is increasing, if you know what I mean.
  • Expand my creativity:  I feel like I expanded my creativity in a few of areas.  I started the ‘I Never’ project which has led me to be more creative in my day-to-day life and has me writing every day.  I got my dad’s old Leica camera and have been experimenting with film photography.  I took some classes as planned – a textile design class and a sewing class.
  • De-clutter:  When Nadine moved out of the room she shared with Miles and into the TV room, the whole house shifted and I ended up getting rid of so much stuff.  I took several car-loads of stuff to the Goodwill and threw tons of stuff away.  I also got rid of half the stuff in my closet, and continue to purge purge purge.  It feels so good!
  • Exercise:  I could have done better on this front, but I didn’t do too badly.  We rode to school every day, I rode my bike as much as possible, and did boot-camp two mornings a week.  I only wish I could have gotten some yoga in.
  • Spend time outside:  We had an incredible winter of skiing every weekend and a summer of camping trips and hanging outside non-stop.  And we spent an hour every day after school running around on the playground, and lots of time at the skateboard park.
  • Give the kids freedom:  After school they ran around on the playground playing games with other kids in other grades, both boys and girls.  I think its so important for them to have this, even if it isn’t always perfect.  Plus I love chatting with my mom buddies.  And as much as possible I tried to say ‘yes’ to play-dates and sleepovers with their friends, I’ve been leaving them home alone more, and letting them go places on her own.  Big kids!
  • Be good to the environment:  I didn’t do everything intended, but I did ride my bike more than ever, didn’t buy any new clothes or much of anything (I did clothing swaps instead), ate a lot of food out of our own garden, and ate almost no red meat.
  • Figure myself out:  Oh boy did I do a lot of figuring!  I read a ton and completed the Alchemy Mastery Program both of which contributed to a big mind-shift.  I started meditating which I liked way more than I thought I would.  And I organized our Krypton group which is helping me figure out a business plan for myself.

I think it’s also interesting to look back at the predictions for 2013.  The year of the Snake was supposed to be changeable and unpredictable.  That it was, although I don’t feel like I got too many snake bites – just some uneasiness I had to work through, getting comfortable putting my old life behind me, and pursuing a new kind of life-style.

I’m a Scorpio, and 2013 for Scorpios was supposed to be about transformation, metamorphosis, and “rebuilding your life from its very foundation”, which just about sums up my year I think.  At the start of the year I was still feeling panicky about not having a traditional job with traditional benefits and a big pay check, but as the year progressed that fear morphed into excitement for the freedom I have to do what I want with my life.  2013 gave me the gift of a new direction, newly found peace, and a new-ish me.  And I think it’s more than just a coincidence that Fred the moth came out of his cocoon for us this year.

Antheraea Polyphemus aka Fred

 2014 Intentions

So, on to intentions.  While I intend to continue with my 2013 intentions, I have some new ones for 2014, as well as some new daily practices.  I decided that every day I will:  get rid of at least one thing, collect a piece of inspiration (like pin something on pinterest or save something in my notebook), and draw a picture.  And my intentions are to:

  • Put some structure back into my life:  With my new office space I will now spend 9am – 3pm ‘at work’.  I’ll plan my meals, shop, and do laundry on the weekends.  But I also need to fit in exercise/yoga, blogging, and meditation.
  • Focus on work that generates income and start an official business:  I’m ready to make some money!  Right now I have a couple of free-lance web jobs and Todd’s bookkeeping, and a few irons in the fire for more potential work.  But I need to define myself, build a portfolio, and start some marketing.
  • Get more help from family members:  I need help.  I can’t do everything I want to do and be the housekeeper.  The kids need to be more self-sufficient, do more chores, and hopefully Todd can help more with getting the kids to school, making dinner, shopping, etc.
  • Get some house projects done:  Re-finish the floors, touch up the paint inside and out, and clean up the yard and shed – these are things that can’t be put off much longer.  We’ll start with the floors because we’ve all been getting splinters lately.
  • Read the news once in a while:  I’ve been living in a bubble.  I didn’t know when the royal baby was born, I didn’t hear about the George Zimmerman trial, and I certainly didn’t keep up with anything happening in Syria.  I like not getting wrapped up in drama and politics, but I do like being able to talk somewhat intelligently about what’s happening in the world.
  • Silk screen!  This is the thing I am most excited about.  Every year I love silk-screening my Christmas cards, and I am a huge fan of the Vera Project where I do my silk-screening, but now I want to try multi-color silk-screening and silk-screening on fabric.

    silk-screened Christmass card 2013

    This year’s silk-screened Christmass card

So there you have it.  I think 2014 is going to be a pretty fun adventure.  Lets see what the experts have to say:

2014 Predictions

2014 year of the horseJanuary 31st marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  This year will be the year of the horse, and I also happened to be born in the year of the horse.  I am a fire horse and this year is a wood horse, so I’m expecting a pretty good blaze of activity this year.  But, when I consulted this web site, the year of the horse for a horse doesn’t look all that great:  I may experience a lot of self-doubt, finances will be unstable, things could get pretty stressful, romance will be just so-so, and I shouldn’t eat too much.

But… when I look at the predictions for a Scorpio, things look much brighter.  According to the experts at I will continue to experience a lot of change and a new level of commitment.  They say “After shedding layers upon layers and ancient attachments, you’re ready for the new. This is your year to get crystal clear on what you’re most passionate about and commit to it in the deepest way possible.”  And apparently Jupiter is on my side to help me become “a fortress of money-generating power”.  That sounds pretty good!  And as far as romance goes, it doesn’t look perfect, but I like this part:  “Your focus is going to be on finding the beauty and balance with significant others.”

Okay 2014, bring it on!  I’m ready and excited for whatever this new year has to offer.

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