Happy Fathers Day!

I intended to write about my dad today, but I didn’t plan my time well. On Friday I had a sudden urge to purge my laundry room, and I’m still recovering from having pulled out every last thing, trying to figure out what to keep and what to toss, and then putting it all back in there in an organized way. Crazy. (Sorry Dad!)

But I still wanted to write a quick post to say¬†Happy Father’s Day!!! to my amazing father. I am so so lucky to have such an incredible role model for a dad – a tireless, generous, charming,¬†funny, triple-kissing,¬†organizational master. I love you dad!

My Dad


6 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day!

  1. Your Dad is a remarkable man (and a great neighbor). He is very generous, too! Many years ago he mentioned that he was traveling to Belgium and I asked if he could bring back some chocolate. He was non- committal. Several days later he was at my front door presenting a small, beautifully wrapped box of chocolates! They had been hand made the day before. As he offered me the box he asked only one thing…”please let Ed (my husband) have at least one piece of chocolate”! Reluctantly, I agreed and with that he gave me the little box. And before he departed my front porch I was also given the ’3 kiss’ goodbye!

  2. Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Diercxsens! Love the shout out to his organizational skills. I cannot imagine how we would have fared in Europe if you had done the planning!! Lol. Your dad planned the perfect trip for us!!

  3. A Happy Belated Father’s Day to one of the best Dad’s EVER! Mr. D is the surrogate Dad Barb and I have the privilege of knowing and loving all these years! Can’t wait to see you at the beach! XXX

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