Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was the best day of the year.  Or, according my kids, one of the best – right up there with Christmas.  And I have to admit, it was pretty darn fun.

Last night, after an excruciatingly long day at school, a group of us met up at our friend’s house.  We ate some snacks, admired the costumes, filled our to-go cups up with wine, grabbed some pillow-cases, and hit the streets.  It was a perfect evening for trick-or-treating, not too hot or cold or, most importantly, wet.  And lots of colorful leaves littered the sidewalks and streets.  Such a great time of year!  Nadine was dressed as a vampire, although her fangs just wouldn’t stay in her mouth, and Miles was a zombie hunter, although he looked a lot like Rambo.  I had a hippie-type costume on, and Todd, as per usual, was a weirdo.

Finally we hit the streets with lots of other frightening little people, and wow, those kids got such a workout – running from house to house, up and down stairs, non-stop as fast as they could, screaming with joy and yelling things like, “They’re giving out full-size candy bars at that house!” or “Let’s go to the chinchilla lady’s house!” or “Are you kidding me?  A granola bar?”  Meanwhile the old-fogy parents said things like, “You’re complaining about a granola bar?  We used to get apples or raisins, or worst of all, pennies!”  The best, though, was when Miles came back from one house and said, “Here mom, you can have this one, I know you love them,” and handed me a Brussels-sprout. I do love them.  And even though I don’t know who was handing them out, I love them for their Halloween trickery.

At eight o’clock the streets started to quiet down, but our kids still had some energy, and that’s when they really raked it in.  That’s because the treat-givers, who were ready to call it a night, started handing out fist-fulls of candy.  Eventually we made it back to our starting point, and even though it was late, we had to count and sort.  Nadine scored big with 172 pieces of candy, M&M’s being the most popular, with surprisingly few Reese’s Peanut-Butter Cups (my favorite, darn!)  Not a box of raisins, apple, or razor-blade to be found.  Finally, around 10pm, we all collapsed into our beds.  What a night!

The trick-or-treating "ladies"

A dead prom queen, a beautiful vampire, a nerd, and Death.

A Quick Candy Break

A quick break for candy – aka ‘dinner’.

A full bag of candy

Bags full, it’s time to head home.

A very happy vampire

A very happy vampire…

Halloween trickory!

…and a very lonely Brussels-sprout.

Happy Halloween!!

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