Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome the year of the sheep!?  Or the goat?  Or the ram?  I’m going with sheep since sheep are the cutest.  Welcome sheep!!!

Year of the SheepChinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, started yesterday, February 19th with the new moon, and continues until the full moon on March 5th.  I love the Chinese New Year traditions, and in the past we’ve celebrated with friends, traditional food, lucky money, fireworks, and the upside down “Fu” symbol, but this year we don’t have anything planned.  Oh well.  But I’m still really excited to start the Year of the Sheep.

Last year was the Year of the Horse, the year before that was the Snake, and before that it was the Dragon, and before that I don’t know because I wasn’t paying too much attention.  For each year the traits of the animal indicate the type of year it will be, or if you were born in the year of that animal, you should carry some of those traits.  For example, since I was born in the Year of the Horse I would be:  energetic, hard-working, optimistic, sentimental, straightforward, honest, friendly, and open-minded.  (Wow, I sound awesome.)

It is my understanding that a Sheep year should be harmonious, peaceful, creative, full of curiosity and community.  A friend of mine forwarded me this on-line card which I think is such a beautiful way to ring in the Year of the Sheep:

Sheep 2015

Isn’t it cool?  I’m not sure who Dorit is, but I just love it.  The design and the words are so so nice.

Happy Sheep Year!!!


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