Until Now, I Never…

Welcome to my I Never Log.  Every day I try to do something I’ve never done before.  My goal is to log 365 daily ‘I Nevers’.  Click here to learn more.  Or scroll down to see what I’ve accomplished so far.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Yesterday was my 365th ‘I Never’.  Every day for one year, starting on August 16th, 2013 and ending on August 15th, 2014, I did something I’d never done before.  Sound hard?  Well it wasn’t.  The hardest thing was … Continue reading

Isn’t it surprising that I have lived in Seattle for almost twenty years and I have never been to the top of the Space Needle?  How is that possible?  When I first moved here I resisted going because I said … Continue reading

That’s about six miles people! I really can’t believe I did it without stopping once or keeling over.  I have had this ‘I Never’ on my list from the beginning, and with only one more day left in my year … Continue reading

Finally, I did it.  I opened an Etsy Shop.  But I have to add that I’m not that proud of it – yet – it still needs a ton of work.  I need better photos; I need to organize it … Continue reading

My intended I Never for today was to open up an Etsy shop, but the day got away from me and it didn’t happen.  Instead I took Nadine back-to-school shopping and then took the kids back to the indoor trampoline … Continue reading

This ‘I Never’ has been on my list since last summer, but last summer I waited too long and before I knew it it was practically fall, and Greenlake started to get that pea soup look to it.  So I … Continue reading

So it’s August in Seattle, when I typically go barefoot most of the time anyway, but the kids had put this on my possible ‘I Never’ list a long time ago, and since I’m getting close to completing 365 ‘I … Continue reading

I am winding down to the end of my ‘I Never’ project – only one week left to complete one year and 365 ‘I Nevers’.  And there are so many ‘I Nevers’ I haven’t gotten to yet, like Zumba.  But … Continue reading

I had taken the kids to the Jump Park when we visited my sister in Tennessee, and today the kids were begging me to take them to one here in Seattle.  So we looked on line and found two options … Continue reading

Today I have three boys and one girl to entertain, and two of the boys tell me they don’t like to swim in lakes.  No problem, it was a little cloudy today so we could forgo swimming at Greenlake, and … Continue reading

Our typical summer day is to hang around the house in the morning, then after lunch head out and do something – usually swim at Greenlake.  But today Miles and I got up early and drove to Marysville to pick … Continue reading

Kale grows great around here and I have several dinosaur kale plants (they look like little tropical trees) growing in my veggie garden.  I love kale, which I usually blanch and add to things like enchiladas or pasta, or cook … Continue reading

My husband is always late.  They say that what drives you the most crazy about someone is the same thing that attracted you to him in the first place, and I believe it.  When I first met Todd I loved … Continue reading

Seafair happens in Seattle every year, and I guess it’s just a summer-long celebration of summer in Seattle, redundantly speaking.  It culminates this weekend on Lake Washington with hydro-plane races and an air show including the Blue Angels.  In the … Continue reading

Today was the big day – my first pillow sale!  I was a bit nervous, and pretty convinced that I wouldn’t sell anything, but I tried to keep an “it is what is” attitude.  It was my first time really … Continue reading

Tomorrow is my pillow sale, and I have a ton to do to get ready.  So today I figured out a way to get a couple of hours to myself:  Drop the kids off at the movie theater!  So I … Continue reading

One of Nadine’s BFFs is spending the week with us this week instead of going to camp, and so far every single day Nadine and her friend have been whipping something up in the kitchen:  brownies, taco salad, cookies, caprese … Continue reading

So while pillow production is in full swing, I am also trying to make sure the kids are having their summer fun, and as much as possible I continue to pursue a freelance web design business.  This morning I was … Continue reading

I know, this one is kind of lame, but it was actually an intentional I Never.  People talk about cooking shows all the time, and how much they love them, and watch them together as a family, and it has … Continue reading

Now that we’re back from vacation, the countdown is on for my pillow sale, and that means I need to sew like crazy.  We got back late last night, and with the time change it felt even later, so the … Continue reading

Today was our last day at the beach:  the day we pack up, clean up, and check out of our house by 10 a.m.  The rest of my family travels by car and is eager to hit the road, but … Continue reading

Swimming in the Gulf Coast, you are clearly not alone.  You see schools of dolphin swimming by, skates and sting rays often hang out just beneath you, and fish are jumping all over the place.  Sometime huge schools of fish … Continue reading

Miles and I have been brainstorming about this one for a while.  We thought we could use swedish fish or gummy worms for the inside fish part of the sushi, but what would we use for the seaweed?  Finally someone … Continue reading

In Alabama’s Gulf Coast, when you dig up the soft wet sand, in addition to sand you’ll also get a handful of coquina clams, which are little teeny clams with very pretty shells that come in all sorts of bright … Continue reading

This one didn’t go quite as planned.  Last time I took a picture every hour, I took it pretty much on the hour.  This time it was a bit more challenging because I didn’t have a watch on, I swam … Continue reading

If there’s any time to not look at the clock it’s while vacationing at the beach.  But even this ended up being more challenging than I imagined, since clocks are everywhere.  There’s one on my phone, one on the stove, … Continue reading

Again, today I had the conundrum of coming up with an I Never, as it was our first day at the beach and all anyone wanted to do was play in the water all day. What could I do in … Continue reading

This morning we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the airport.  We were embarking on our annual getaway to Alabama’s Golf Coast, and would be spending most of our day traveling.  How the heck would I … Continue reading

When we were in Banff on our camping trip, we went to Lake Louise, which I had read in our guide book was one of the “natural wonders of the world”.  It was spectacular and I could see why it … Continue reading

This is year three for my vegetable garden, and every year, about this time of year, I get overwhelmed with excitement over the bounty provided by a handful of seeds in just a few square feet of space.  And every … Continue reading

So I’ve signed up to do a craft fair on August 2nd and I’m a little overwhelmed with all the things I think I need to do to get ready.  Mostly I need to sew like the wind, but I … Continue reading

Wow, it stays light until so late these days, and my kids don’t seem to want to ever stop swimming, or jumping off the diving boards at Greenlake.  And why should I should make them?  They have nothing to do … Continue reading

All of the web work I’ve done to date has been for clients that are friends, or clients that I’ve gotten through my friend who is a graphic designer.  But recently I was contacted by a co-worker from years ago, … Continue reading

Just the other day my neighbor asked me if I wanted to share at booth with her at the upcoming Art in the Garden fair happening on August 2nd just a little north of where we live, and I immediately … Continue reading

I loved this I Never! And even though it was a tough challenge, it was also so very interesting because I learned that: Mirrors are everywhere and really hard to avoid.  Not only are mirrors everywhere, but I would often … Continue reading

I think I’ve mentioned about one million times in this blog how much I love living in Seattle and how beautiful it is here.  One of the coolest things about living here is that no matter where you live, even … Continue reading

I have been trying to draw something every day in my sketchbook, so when I read in Seattle Magazine that the Sketchbook Project was coming to town, I marked on my calendar. The Sketchbook Project is a project, but it’s … Continue reading

Recently got an email from a guy a worked with about ten years ago, asking me if I was available to do any freelance programming work for him.  I said I was intrigued but that I was specializing in WordPress … Continue reading

For a very long time now, Nadine has asking me if she can bleach her hair, and for a very long time I have been doing my best to avoid the topic.  She has gorgeous long almost-black hair.  Why mess … Continue reading

Greenlake is our summer haven.  We go there as often as possible these days, and stay a late as possible.  Sometimes I even order a pizza and have it delivered there so we can stay past dinner.  We are so … Continue reading

So I’ve signed up for an event called Art in the Garden, and I’m going to attempt to sell my pillows for the first time.  Woo hoo!  But in order to that, I’ll need to be able to take credit … Continue reading

This ‘I Never’ is right up there with riding a seaway in that it was SO MUCH FUN!  We pulled into Harrison Hot Springs last night.  Todd thought it would be the perfect place to spend the last day of … Continue reading

We left Banff this morning and started heading west back towards home.  It was the eighth day of our trip and the kids had plowed through all of the books they’d brought, and were begging for new ones for the … Continue reading

How un-American of us!  But this year we were on our camping trip in Glacier and Banff, instead of partying with our friends, watching fireworks from their deck, like we’d done every other 4th.  We drove into Canada yesterday, and … Continue reading

After several days exploring Glacier National Park, we headed north into Alberta, Canada to explore Banff National Park.  The drive from Glacier to Banff was incredibly and we saw mountain goats, big horn sheep, and a bear.  Pretty exciting stuff.  … Continue reading

On our second day of camping our stove broke and we couldn’t fix it.  Fortunately we were able to borrow our friend’s stove that night, but yesterday we went our separate ways.  Yesterday it wasn’t a problem since we grabbed … Continue reading

I moved to Seattle in 1995, and before I moved I was obsessed with the show Northern Exposure, which, at that time, was on TV just about every single night at around 10pm.  I loved that show so much, and … Continue reading

Glacier National Park is HUGE, and the shortest and most scenic way to get from West Glacier to East Glacier is on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which cuts right through the middle of the park.  But a few days before we … Continue reading

Todd is the fire master.  He has built a million camp fires in his life, under the worst of conditions, and I don’t think he can stand watching anyone struggle with fire, especially me.  So that’s why I’ve never built … Continue reading

Woo hoo!  Today was the day we were all looking forward to – the first day of our first vacation of the summer.  Today we left at 6:30 am and started driving east, arriving at Glacier National Park in Montana … Continue reading

Here I was again, at the end of the day, ready to just chill out and watch TV with the kids, and I didn’t have an ‘I Never’.  So when Miles asked me if I’d doodle in his doodle book, … Continue reading

As we are busy getting ready for our road-trip in a couple of days, I haven’t been planning any significant I Nevers.  Fortunately the kids are in a half-day camp in the morning so I can get some stuff done, … Continue reading

We’re leaving on a roadtrip in three days, so this morning Todd and I planned to take our car to the mechanic to get an oil change and to have it looked over before we drive it 2000 miles.  I … Continue reading

It’s summer time, which means I schlep a lot of kids around, mostly driving them to and from Greenlake.  Sometimes we can get a little hot and agitated in the car, and so I find an effective (yet probably not … Continue reading

Recently I got a new job to build a web-site for a non-profit that is based in Guatemala.  I built the site using WordPress like I do for most of the sites I’ve built lately, but this time there was … Continue reading

Sometimes, as the day wind downs, I realize that I haven’t completed an ‘I Never’.  Sometimes I can reflect on my day and find a thing to choose from, because ultimately, depending on how you look at it, there should … Continue reading

I like to kick off the summer with a nice pedicure, and Nadine and I usually go to Jenny Nails down the street because they take out the dremel and really go to town on my feet, and Nadine always … Continue reading

Today was the day after the last day of school, and it being Friday, it’s the day I do Todd’s bookkeeping.  (Bleck.)  So I found friends for the kids to hang out with all day, and headed down to Todd’s … Continue reading

Nadine’s good friend’s mom had been asking the rest of us moms at school if we’d like to have a last-day-of-school potluck in her back yard with slip-and-slide and water guns for the kids, and “a gallon of margaritas” for … Continue reading

We are so lucky to have such an awesome zoo within a couple miles of our house.  It’s called the Woodland Park Zoo and it was my salvation when the kids were younger.  We had a membership and went all … Continue reading

The other day I set up my Zazzle store, which wasn’t very thrilling since I didn’t have any products to sell.  So today I decided to put a couple of products in it.  I didn’t have much of a plan … Continue reading

It was well after 5pm, time to head home, and my butt was sore.  Sore is not the right word really, antsy might be a better word.  Usually I’m at the office for a max of six hours, but today … Continue reading

We live just a mile or so from the beach, yet every year we seem to miss the day that day in June when the low tide is at its lowest level of the year.  But not this year!  This … Continue reading

A few months back we went to the kids’ school auction and I hadn’t planned to buy anything.  But as they got towards the end of it, and everyone at our table had been raising their paddles all night long, … Continue reading

Today was Friday the 13th, and while I didn’t have bad luck today, I was in a funky mood.  When I got home from work I felt exhausted and uninspired to do anything.  Miles had gone camping with friends, so … Continue reading

Nadine had been excited for our school-night date for some time, and I have to admit, so had I.  We had it all planned out.  At 6:30 I headed out, grabbed a couple of delicious New York style subs at … Continue reading

Today was Field Day at the kids’ school, their most favorite school-day of the year.  And every year I volunteer to help out, and I just love it so much.  (Usually.)  I always love being around the kids at school, … Continue reading

Ever since I read The Zero Waste Home I’ve been upping my purging activities (although you’d never know from the looks of my house), bringing carloads of stuff to Goodwill.  But there’s some stuff that’s just hard to bring to … Continue reading

I love Spoonflower, the on-line service I use to have my fabric designs printed.  They also print wall-paper, wrapping paper, decals, and more.  But Spoonflower is just one of many on-line services that allow you to customize something with your … Continue reading

Today I went over to my friend’s house to help her clean up after her big 50th birthday party last night, and a lot of what I needed to do was bring borrowed stuff back over to the neighbor’s house … Continue reading

A very long time ago I bought a 1965 vintage sewing pattern at Goodwill for 25 cents and have always wanted to make the outfit.  Now that I had my sewing studio all set up for making pillows, and my … Continue reading

I wish this wasn’t my ‘I Never’ for today, but alas it must be.  Today was tough, and I was crabby most of the day.  I think it’s because I started my day with Todd’s bookkeeping, and I wasn’t looking … Continue reading

As expected, I got rejected from Seth Godin’s “Agenda Session” seminar.  But I have to say, I got about the nicest rejection letter ever.  And I don’t regret applying for a second.  Here’s what the letter said: I confess that … Continue reading

Today was early dismissal and the kids got out at 1pm, so some other moms and I decided we’d kick off the awesome summer weather with a hike up Tiger Mountain.  Hiking up Tiger Mountain is a very popular activity … Continue reading

Seth Godin recently sent out an email inviting his blog subscribers to apply for a seminar he’s hosting this summer called “The Agenda Session“.  Being a huge Seth Godin fan, and wanting to face my fears and find “my calling” … Continue reading

Bad idea!  My Dutch style bike, Crystal, is having some trouble with her gears, so I’ve been riding the mountain bike Todd got me back in 1996 when he used to work for R.E.I. and could get a screamin’ deal … Continue reading

This was definitely the ickiest ‘I Never’ to date, and I don’t recommend trying this at home.  Lately I’ve been reading (and loving) the book The Zero Waste Home.  It’s all about simplifying your life while being good to the … Continue reading

We had a particularly lazy Saturday morning today, which then turned into the kids asking “What are we going to do today?” and them not liking any of our suggestions.  But I’ve been on a cleaning and purging binge and … Continue reading

So I’ve cut my fabric and started making my 1965 outfit, and so far so good.  Until today, when I got to the point where it said “Insert zipper according to instructions with zipper.” Well my zipper came with no … Continue reading

Since December I’ve been spending my no-kid hours, 9am – 3pm, in an office I’ve been sharing with my friend, a graphic designer.  It started as an experiment, which we’ve decided has been a successful one, and it’s been amazing … Continue reading

I’ve decided to make a garment – a skirt and a top – out of a 1965 pattern I got from the Goodwill for 25 cents.  We’re having a 60s theme party for my friends 50th birthday, and I think … Continue reading

I love Spoonflower.  And I’ve had a lot of fun sending a few design to Spoonflower and getting the fabric with my design on it sent back.  I think it’s pretty expensive, and the turnaround time can be quite long, … Continue reading

Bowman Bay is not that far from Anacortes, where Todd’s brother lives and as we were heading home, the kids begged us to go visit them so they could hang out with their cousins a bit.  It was around 5pm … Continue reading

We planned to go camping with our friends from Saturday through Monday of Memorial Day weekend.  Our friends were leaving on Friday night, but half-way there their RV broke down and had to be towed to the mechanic.  We thought … Continue reading

Around here most kids start playing soccer in first grade, and stick with the same team for a few years.  Nadine, however, has always been really into gymnastics, and hasn’t expressed any interest in soccer.  Until this spring.  This spring … Continue reading

I’ve been reading the book Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson and it has had quite an impact on me.  I believe completely in what she is doing, which is, as a family of four, producing virtually no garbage.  One … Continue reading

A while back I tried knitting with t-shirt material, and it was really fun and easy.  Today I tried finger knitting with t-shirt material, and I loved it.  I was co-hosting a Campfire Girls meeting at a friend’s house, and … Continue reading

I have been riding my bike to work every morning since December, and often as I pedal through the quiet streets I will slow down and admire this one beautifully humongous tree situated the front yard of a teeny little … Continue reading

Once in a while I get offers from Oprah & Deepak or Deva & Miten for a free 21-day meditation program, and I always sign up.  Right now I’m doing one from Deva & Miten called The Spirit of the … Continue reading

Tonight I was going to the Vera Project to burn some more screens for some new pillow projects I have in mind, but in order to make the most of my time there, I decided to do some more silk-screening … Continue reading

Today we were supposed to meet some friends at Jefferson Park for a picnic.  I’d never been to Jefferson Park, which is on Beacon Hill and pretty far from our neighborhood.  When we got there, I couldn’t believe what a … Continue reading

Our Krypton group is meeting in a few days, and we’ve decided to start a new course, called The Sociology of Success:  Culture and Choice, based on the work of Milton Gladwell.  His name didn’t seem familiar to me when … Continue reading

I am so happy to have a new lawn mower, but I was really hoping that it would come with a built-in lawn-mowing man.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it came with at least a part-time one.  But the … Continue reading

I’ve been making pillows like crazy lately, and I love putting colorful piping around the edges.  To do this I’ve been buying folded bias tape, ironing out the folds, and sewing in the piping.  It’s been working pretty darn well, … Continue reading

This had to be the best ‘I Never’ ever!  It’s one I’d planned to do for a long time, and when I told my friends this, one of them found a deal on Living Social and said, “We have got … Continue reading

Nadine loves Instagram, and every time she gets her hands on my phone, she goes straight to Instagram.  I’m not sure how I feel about a 10 year old girl on Instagram, especially since I know so little about it, … Continue reading

Today was my day to get seeds into the ground, and as I sat there in front of my vegetable bed, staring at all my seed packets, Nadine asked, “Can I help?”  “I would love it!!” I told her, and … Continue reading

Our shed has been a disaster for some time now, and today we decided to remedy that.  Today we took every last thing out of the shed, spread it across our back yard, and only put back the stuff we … Continue reading

A friend of my mine referred me to a friend of his to possibly do some web development work.  So I had a nice meeting with his friend, then met up with the person who manages the web-site, and had … Continue reading

Ever since I had my amazing plumbing experience (see this post) I have been meaning to write a review for Beacon Plumbing on Yelp!  Finally I did it today, and I thought it was so interesting.  Before writing my review, … Continue reading

Last weekend I was super excited to have some time by myself.  Todd and Miles had gone up to Anacortes on Friday afternoon and weren’t coming back until Saturday night, and Nadine was off to a sleepover at a friend’s … Continue reading

I loved the last class I took on Skillshare – The New Business Toolbox:  Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time.  So when I saw the were offering a class on hand lettering – The First Steps … Continue reading

I know, May Day is on May 1st no the 4th, but my amazing friend wanted to celebrate the end of one part of her life (closing down her store) and the start of another, and what better way than … Continue reading

Sure, I’ve gone shopping and dragged along Nadine and a friend before, but this is not at all what we did today.  Today, after Nadine’s soccer game, I took her and a friend to Ballard to get ice cream at … Continue reading

If you are embarking on a daily ‘I Never’ project, Groupons or Living Social deals are a great way to go.  They make things you’ve never done before affordable, or, should I say, make you more willing to try something … Continue reading

My kids are crazy for sleepovers – either at our house or at a friend’s house.  I would normally never condone a mid-week sleepover, but our friends were in a bind (mom out of town and dad working late) so … Continue reading

Last month I went on a field trip to the Frye Art Museum with Miles’s class and loved it so much.  So when he came up with a permission slip for a field trip the Seattle Art Museum to see … Continue reading

I think Spoonflower is the coolest, and I have sent several designs to them to have printed on fabric.  It’s expensive, so I’ve only gotten a yard at a time, but I love it.  When you send your fabric to … Continue reading

One of my sisters is two years (and a half!) older than me, and today she turned 50.  Now I know I didn’t have a lot to do with this event, but I’ve been thinking about her all day.  And … Continue reading

Even though I count completely count on it, email drives me crazy.  My in-box gets filled with junk, and sometimes stuff I need goes to my junk-box, and every day I weed through my inbox, and hunt through my junk … Continue reading

When Todd asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said, “All I want is new lawn mower, and a man who mows the lawn.”  But when my birthday got here, we had an action packed weekend, and neither … Continue reading

When I moved to Seattle back in 1995, The Mariners were having a great season, Ken Griffey Jr. was a huge local celebrity, and my new friends were super into baseball, so I went to several games at the Kingdome, … Continue reading

Sometimes I think, Why didn’t I become an interior designer?  Because whenever I go to anybody’s house, I can’t help but think to myself, What would I do with this space?  So the other day when I picked up Miles … Continue reading

A few weeks ago a friend on mine who has a daughter Nadine’s age ask a few of us if we’d like to go to the “For Girls Only” seminar at Children’s hospital.  My initial reaction was Why would I … Continue reading

I love Skillshare.  So far I’ve only taken one on-line class there – “The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time” – but even though I’ve finished the course material, I haven’t quite finished … Continue reading

It was a bit hard to come up with an original ‘I Never’ for today, because today we woke up, packed up, drove to the airport, and spent the rest of the day on an airplane back to Seattle.  But, … Continue reading

Every year for as long as Todd and I have been together, we have celebrated Easter with his mom.  She always makes a fabulous meal, puts together beautiful Easter baskets, we color eggs and have a hunt, and it’s always … Continue reading

I’m not religious, but I was raised Catholic, and Catholics do Lent.  I haven’t given up anything for Lent since I was a kid, but this year I decided to give up sugar for Lent. While I love sugar as … Continue reading

Spring break is not supposed to be cold and cloudy, especially when you are in South Carolina where is should be in the high seventies or even eighties.  But even though the weather is crummy, we are still finding some … Continue reading

My son Miles is always trying to help me come up with ‘I Never’ ideas.  Some are great.  Some are not.  But I love that he is so into this project, and I loved his ‘I Never’ idea for today. … Continue reading

Today in South Carolina we had a full day of dog chasing, golf cart driving, alligator spotting, crabbing, swimming, and playing croquet.  Of all the things we did today, the one thing I think I’ve never done before is play … Continue reading

So after spending three days in Chattanooga with my sister’s family, today we drove to South Carlina to visit my parents.  First we drove my sister and her daughter to Atlanta and dropped them off at the airport (they spending … Continue reading

Have you ever watched a Lacrosse Game?  Today was my first, and it was totally entertaining!  Kind of like a cross between soccer and ice hockey.  I don’t really know what I’m talking about because I don’t know much about … Continue reading

Not that coming to Tennessee wasn’t exciting enough, but the first item on our agenda was a trip to the Jump Park, Chattanooga’s indoor trampoline park.  Unfortunately the weather report for our stay is kind of crummy, but no matter, … Continue reading

We have been excited about this trip for so long, and today is finally the day we leave for Tennessee.  Woo hoo!  My sister lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband and two kids (who my kids LOVE).  I’ve only … Continue reading

We’re heading off to visit my family tomorrow for spring break, and I need to bring my mom a birthday present. Contemplating what to get her, I remembered that when she was out here visiting and we were playing Rummikubs, … Continue reading

Do you know about the mantis shrimp?  Because apparently it’s getting a lot of press lately.  I’d never heard of it, but the kids came home from school today talking all excitedly about it.  Apparently it can swim fast enough … Continue reading

I started this class many many weeks ago and I finally completed it yesterday.  It was truly a great class about starting a business, but a bit premature for me starting my pillow business I’m afraid.  But that’s okay!  I … Continue reading

When Nadine saw I was posting this ‘I Never’ she said, “Aw, that’s boring”, but to me it’s kind of exciting, even though I’m not sure I’ve done everything right.  A few days ago I got on-line and ordered a … Continue reading

This is the only ‘I Never’ that actually began at midnight.  Like always, we were the last to leave the party.  My feet were killing me, and I was longing for me bed.  And I cannot drink like I used … Continue reading

The PTAs biggest fund-raiser is their bi-annual auction, and this year the theme was “The Great Catsby.” (A little play on words since the school mascot is the Wildcats.)  Everyone was encouraged to wear 1920s era clothing.  So a couple … Continue reading

I recently wrote about my picture that I painted on to fabric.  Well today I sewed it into a pillow, and I love it.  And I love that when I finished sewing it, turned it inside out and stuffed it … Continue reading

Sometimes I am really a terrible mom.  And I hate those moments.  But sometimes I just don’t know what to do.  Like today after school.  Today I had to get Nadine home, fed, changed and to gymnastics by 4:45, but … Continue reading

I had never heard of Sharon Jones and Dap-Kings, but a few days ago I received a text from a friend of mine who said she had some extra tickets to her performance at the Showbox.  Todd said, “You have … Continue reading

Sometimes it gets to be the end of the day and I haven’t done an I Never.  So tonight as I was saying goodnight to the kids, I told them I didn’t have an I Never, and they recommended I … Continue reading

The PTA’s fund-raising auction is this Saturday night and it is a 1920′s Great Gatsby theme, so Todd and I need to dress accordingly.  So I watched the movie The Great Gatsby (the original with Robert Redford) to get an … Continue reading

Nadine does gymnastics and Campfire Girls, and those have been her activities for the past few years.  But this spring she decided she wanted to try soccer, so we signed her up for a team a couple of her friends … Continue reading

A while back I got an offer from Spoonflower to print a free fabric sample, so I quickly put together a fabric design using a little TV I drew a while ago.  I received the sample a few days later, … Continue reading

We go over to Grandma’s house regularly to visit and enjoy a fabulous meal.  (Lucky us!)  One thing we almost never do while we’re there is watch TV or have any screen time.  She’s not really set up for that.  … Continue reading

Miles and I drove together to the Science Fair at the kids’ school tonight, and Miles brought his Lego Speedorz with him – a motorcycle-type toy that you launch by pulling a plastic rip-cord through it and releasing.  It’s pretty … Continue reading

Going to the new glass museum at Seattle Center has been on my ‘I Never’ wish-list for a long time, and tonight I was finally able to make it happen.  I’m typically not a huge fan of glass art, but … Continue reading

This is our fifth year as elementary school parents, and for the past four years we have attended school musical concerts that have been slightly painful.  They were painful for a few reasons:  They were long and the kids got … Continue reading

The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle.  It’s 70 stories tall, and the view from the top is spectacular.  The Big Climb is a fundraiser where thousands of people climb the stairs to the top to raise money … Continue reading

Eight years ago today Miles was born.  Eight years ago today he was a hairy little yellow 4 pound preemie who had to stay in the NICU for a week before I could take him home.  I was slightly afraid … Continue reading

Todd went skiing this weekend even though it was Miles birthday weekend.  He got an incredible opportunity to go back-country helicopter skiing with his friends, and they were getting an amazing deal, so we could afford it.  Todd was hesitant, … Continue reading

The other day at boot-camp a friend of mine said, “I have some extra tickets for the symphony on Friday night.  Does anyone want to go with me to see the ‘Celebrate Asia’ concert?”  We didn’t have anything going on … Continue reading

I kind of remember having a bird poop on me ages ago at my grandmother’s house, so I added the caveat that that this time it was while I was riding my bike.  I had just left the playground, biking … Continue reading

I quit making dinners last week and Todd has taken over the cooking.  It has been very good for me, and I’ve been cranking out my pillows.  But he left this afternoon for a ski trip, so I’m back on … Continue reading

Hooray!  I finally completed a finished product!  I’ve been working on this since the beginning of the year and today I completely my first prototype, and I love it.  It came even better than I thought it would, and I … Continue reading

I had lunch with my friend Kathy the other day and she told me about a personality test she and the members of her team at work had taken.  I just love these kind of things, so I asked her … Continue reading

We have lived in our house for 16 years, which seems impossible to me, but it’s true.  And never in the whole time we’ve lived there have I seen the inside of the house directly across the street.  It’s a … Continue reading

I silk-screened a bunch of fabric squares, and now I was ready to make some pillows.  The white ink on the colored squares looked nice, but they needed some extra punch, so I decided to try some piping.  But this … Continue reading

A mom at the playground today asked the other moms if we’d taken the New York Times dailect test, and none of us had even heard of it.  So I decided to find it on-line and take it.  She said … Continue reading

Over mid-winter break I took the kids to the Pacific Science Center and parked on the street.  I paid the meter for the max amount of time, and when we got back to the car, with time to spare, there … Continue reading

I know, this is a super-boring ‘I Never’, and I’m yawning as I type this, but it was such a huge relief to me today when the accountant said everything I’d submitted for Todd’s business looked great and she sent … Continue reading

I try to chaperone as many of the kids’ field trips as I can.  It’s the kind of volunteering that I love, and I just love elementary school aged kids.  Mix that with a trip to the art museum, especially … Continue reading

Nadine has been wanting me to do this forever, but I just never seem to synch my phone to my computer any more.  Ever since I set up iCloud, I haven’t felt the need too.  All of my photos automatically … Continue reading

I’ve been so excited about my silk-screening adventures, that I decided to branch out and try and do a little stenciling with my silk-screen fabric ink.  I read how to do this in a book I love called Printing by … Continue reading

The Christmas before last Todd gave me just what I asked for:  a spice rack.  But it wasn’t quite a rack. It was a big piece of sheet metal and a bunch of spice containers that have a clear top … Continue reading

Giving up sugar for Lent has been no problem…until today.  Today we celebrated Nadine’s birthday at Grandma’s house and she is, hands down, the best cake baker around.  She made carrot cake for Nadine, which sounds healthy, but there was, … Continue reading

Recently I organized all of the pens and pencils in our house, and we seem to have millions of pencils – most of them either dull, or never sharpened.  So the other day when I was volunteering at the kids … Continue reading

I am not a religious person, and haven’t observed Lent for a long long time.  I grew up in a mixed family:  Catholic + Protestant, but we were mostly Catholic.  Back east in the 70s where I grew up, everyone … Continue reading

I’m super into developing web-sites using WordPress.  I think it’s such a great platform.  But lately I’ve noticed a lot of really nice looking sites created with Weebly.  So when we started talking about a way to share information for … Continue reading

I’m slightly obsessed with tracking my time.  I’m juggling so many things right now:  web development, bookkeeping, silk-screening and pillow-making, blogging, and momming and I want to know where the bulk of my time goes. Some of this time is … Continue reading

Blue Jasmine, American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, August: Osage County, The Croods, and Despicable Me 2.  I saw all of these!  Incredible. We go to an Oscar party every year, and while I love watching the Oscars, I … Continue reading

Yesterday was Nadine’s family birthday day and today was her party day.  Like most 10-year-old girls, this means a sleepover.  But Nadine also wanted to go skiing today, so we decided to do both.  We figured if we stopped skiing … Continue reading

Or is that is 2 1/2 year-old daughter?  Nadine is a leap-year baby, so it’s really hard to know what day is most appropriate for her birthday when it’s not a leap year.  It seems like March 1st would be … Continue reading

Once a month Nadine has Campfire Girls, and every month we (the moms or dads) take turns hosting them.  This Thursday was my turn, and I had no idea what we should do.  Actually I wanted to go on a … Continue reading

My kids go to a great school.  One of the things that makes their school great is the library and the librarian.  They have access to so many amazing books, and a librarian who instills a love of books in … Continue reading

You see those QR Codes everywhere, mostly in ads – you know, the black and white box with the little squares in it – and I’ve never bothered to learn more about them, much less use them.  Until today!  First … Continue reading

Every day I either post a draft of my ‘I Never’ in my blog directly, or write it down in a little notebook in my purse.  But for some reason I did neither or those things today, and for the … Continue reading

I finally did it!  I made the silk screen table from the book “A Field Guide to Fabric Design“.  I’ve had the ply-wood, and the felt, and the fabric sitting around forever, and today I got it all set up … Continue reading

So a couple of days ago I created the yarn from the t-shirt.  Today I knit it up into a wash cloth.  I wasn’t sure how big to make it, so I just cast on several stitches and started knitting … Continue reading

“Old Greg” is what we call our new/old Subaru.  We bought him from our neighbors when they were moving, after our old/old Subaru died in Boise Idaho.  He’s not a good looking car, and I wasn’t all that keen on … Continue reading

I hate sponges.  They get so gross and stinky so quickly, and then you just throw them away.  What I’ve been using instead are knitted or crocheted wash cloths that I’ve picked up a various craft fairs or knitting shops, … Continue reading

Chinese New Year began on January 31st this year, and this year is the year of the horse.  I was born in the Year of the horse, and I think I kind of have a horse-like face, so I think … Continue reading

The first challenge was to silk-screen a single colored design onto fabric, which didn’t go all that great.  I needed to burn a new screen.  The second challenge was to try to silk-screen a two colored design.  I knew this … Continue reading

On the menu at the  Ace Hotel in Palm Springs there was something new this year – a date shake – made with local dates, almond milk, and vanilla bean gelato.  Hmmm, interesting.  Then as I was driving around in … Continue reading

After going to Joshua Tree yesterday we stopped at Pappy and Harriet’s for dinner, an awesome barbeque and music joint, which actually is in Pioneertown, about half-way between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.  We just stayed for dinner (so so … Continue reading

My friend in Palm Springs was pretty disappointed that this was my ‘I Never’ for today.  She’s been been pushing hard for some outrageous ‘I Nevers’.  But I’m just boring. Today we spent most of the day by the pool … Continue reading

Every year that I have gone to Palm Springs with my friend we’ve talked about going to Joshua Tree, but could never seem to tear ourselves away from the pool at the hotel.  But this year we finally did it, … Continue reading

This is my fifth year going to Palm Springs for President’s Day Weekend and Modernism Week.  When you go to the same place on vacation every year, you end up doing many of the same things, which makes coming up … Continue reading

Yesterday I threw up my hands trying to get Broadcast TV set up with an antenna so that we could watch the Olympics.  Today I solved the problem by finding a Roku Channel we could add called USTVNow.  Hooray!!!!! There … Continue reading

This is not what I wanted my ‘I Never’ to be today.  I wanted my ‘I Never’ to be: silk-screening a repeat pattern on fabric for the first time.  But the night didn’t turn out as planned, and there just … Continue reading

Hooray, I finally did it!  I had burned my screens at the Vera Project, cut my fabric into squares, and got my workspace set up.  I’d read so much, and now it was finally time to do the real thing.  … Continue reading

A friend of mine who makes really beautiful jewelry recently got herself some studio space in part of a larger shared studio space that she shares with a bunch of other women.  To celebrate she decided she’d have a studio-warming … Continue reading

When I was looking through Nadine’s notebook of sketches and drawings I asked her if she’d like to turn any of her cool patterns into fabric, and she said, “Sure, but what would I do with it?”  I told her … Continue reading

The title for this post should really be ‘I Never Have Seen a Play this Weird’ and I really don’t even know how to write about it or describe it, especially since I fell asleep for part of it. I … Continue reading

When I was in kindergarten our class made cookies one day, and I took the recipe home with me.  They were called “Kindergarten No-Bake Cookies” and I made them all the time when I was a kid.  You know what … Continue reading

On Monday after school Nadine ran up to me on the playground and asked, “Can we skip school on Wednesday and go to the Seahawks parade?  I replied vehemently, “No we cannot!”  We’re not huge football fans to begin with, … Continue reading

So this is the first step for silk-screening – getting the image on the screen.  And this is a pretty messy and difficult step, which is why I’m doing it at the Vera Project and not on my own.  The … Continue reading

Today I went with Miles to karate, so we could find out the results of his belt test.  (He passed, and is now has an orange belt with a stripe in it.)  And somehow we got on the topic of … Continue reading

So we didn’t get to take pictures of the Ewok Village in the woods the other day, but today we were going skiing, so I put Miles’s Lego Yeti in my pocket so we could take pictures of him in … Continue reading

Last night it rained like crazy and this morning Miles really wanted to go to the skateboard park with his friends, which is not really an option when it’s so wet outside.  But not any more!  Now if it’s wet … Continue reading

Whenever I say out-loud, “Oh crap, I don’t have an ‘I Never’ for today!”, Miles always says, “I can teach you how to count to ten in Japanese, mom.”  He learned it in karate.  So today I ended up taking … Continue reading

Nadine got a ride to school early this morning so she didn’t have any wheels, and Miles had his skateboard.  We needed to get home after school in a hurry and get Nadine to gymnastics, so Nadine jumped onto the … Continue reading

My Ship-It Journal project is to silk-screen designs on fabric, sew them into home decor items, then sell them at a craft fair, and my deadline is mid-July.  So today I put together my first design so that on Tuesday … Continue reading

The day started out so well, with Miles and I goofing around, talking in silly voices.  I got really into talking with a French accent and Miles suggested that my ‘I Never’ for today should be to speak with a … Continue reading

Can you tell that’s me?  Not so easy is it?  That’s because Nadine cut out eyebrows, glasses, side-burns, and a mustache from her new book about writing a book yourself, which instructed her to disguise herself and take a picture.  … Continue reading

First off I wanted to say that now that I am 163 ‘I Nevers’ into my ‘I Never’ project, it’s getting a little more challenging.  Lately I haven’t been very good about planning an ‘I Never’ and so usually around … Continue reading

Today was an absolutely beautiful not-a-cloud-in-the-sky winter day, and what better way to spend it than at the beach.  We are so lucky to have Golden Gardens practically in our back yard.  It’s just about a mile away, and looked … Continue reading

Miles and his buddies are all Lego fanatics, so when a friend of ours suggested we go to the opening night party of the ‘Brick’ event held at the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum at Seattle Center, I bought tickets … Continue reading

So once again Miles struggled to get his homework done tonight.  Todd wasn’t coming home until late, and I was scrambling to get dinner on the table, so tonight instead of paying him (I can’t afford $4.25 a night!), I … Continue reading

Typically Miles won’t do his homework unless you sit down next to him and painstakingly walk him through it saying, “Okay now let’s do the next problem.”  It’s miracle that we get it done and get dinner on the table. … Continue reading

Today I decided my ‘I Never’ would be to put together a combination of clothes and wear an outfit I’ve never ever worn before.  Ever since I got rid of half my clothes, I don’t really think too much about … Continue reading

Last weekend Todd and I sanded and painted our ‘orange room’, and this weekend we put the finish on the floors.  We’d done all of this before, back in 2001, when we took up the carpet in that room, sanded … Continue reading

One of my intentions for 2013 is to start an official business.  So when I got an email from Seth Godin’s blog announcing the new on-line course he is offering on Skillshare called “The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New … Continue reading

Ridiculous!  They shouldn’t even have built seats this close to the screen!  But, of course, we arrived a tad bit late on a Saturday night to one of the most popular movies out there, American Hustle.  The entire theater was … Continue reading

This was much harder than I thought it would be.  Nadine had drawn one on the poster she made when she was running for student council, and it was perfect.  She said it was easy and I should try it.  … Continue reading

Until today I’ve never reviewed or ranked anything on-line, although I rely on on-line reviews all the time.  Whether it’s a movie on Netflix, a book on Amazon, or a recipe on Epicurious, those reviews almost always influence my choice.  So … Continue reading

I love Wikimedia Commons, as I professed in a recent blog post, so I decided I would try to be a giver and not just a taker, and share some of my photos on Wiki Commons.  So I downloaded their … Continue reading

Every night these days Nadine and I get cozy in her bed and read the mythology book Miles got for Christmas.  We love it.  She gets excited because it talks about all of the characters she’s been reading about in … Continue reading

The kids love skateboarding to school.  It down hill almost the whole way.  But coming home is another story.  The past few times they’ve skateboarded to school I’ve had to pick them up in the car because it was raining.  … Continue reading

I absolutely did not want to go to the grocery store tonight and the cupboards were practically bare, so what to make for dinner?  When this type of thing happens I usually turns to the the eggs.  What could I … Continue reading

The Seahawks are amazing this year and the fans have been so excited they’ve been causing earthquakes.  Todd and I aren’t big into football, but now that we’re in the playoffs and every single person in Seattle is watching the … Continue reading

We were just leaving to have dinner at Grandma’s when I got a call from a friend saying she had two tickets to see The Posies at Neumo’s and would I like to be her date for the evening.  I … Continue reading

I’ve never really done much skateboarding at all, but the kids are super into it, and love to skateboard to school.  This morning Todd took Nadine to school early and Miles, who is always drumming up possible ‘I Nevers’ for … Continue reading

Nadine is super into the Percy Jackson series of books and really wants me to read them too.  She told me she would get the first book in the series from the library today, but when we got home from … Continue reading

Did you leg-wrestle when you were a kid?  My sister and I used to all the time.  I remember leg-wrestling in the front hall-way and when things got a little rough and my dad would say, “Someone is going to … Continue reading

January 6 is Three Kings Day, and I have a vague recollection of having celebrated it when I was a kid by having a cake with a hard pea hidden inside it.  Whoever got the slice with the pea in … Continue reading

We were out at Grandpa’s house watching the movie The Rocketeer starring Jennifer Connelly, and Nadine and I were drawing at the same time.  She asked me what my ‘I Never’ for today would be and I told her I … Continue reading

I was admiring one of these on my office-mate’s desk the other day and she told me her printer makes them for her.  When I got to work to next day, there was one for me on my desk.  Wow!  … Continue reading

Miles really wanted this to my ‘I Never’ for today, and how could I say ‘no’?  For Christmas Todd got a long foam roller thing for his back, and Miles likes to walk on it as fast as he can … Continue reading

When the new year comes along all of a sudden the holidays just end.  And the Christmas tree knows this.  It starts looking tired and litters it’s pine needles all over the living room.  So it’s time to find a … Continue reading

We spent New Year’s day at a friend’s house where the guys watched the football game while the gals played Slam Solitaire, our new favorite card game.  There were five of us playing and we each had our own deck … Continue reading

It’s the second week of winter break, we’ve had no snow in the mountains so no skiing yet, and no friends are free to hang out today.  Time to get crafty!  I always love perusing the fabric section at Goodwill, … Continue reading

Every year I go to Palm Springs for a few days, and love my time away from home, husband, and kids, but never have both of my kids left me for longer than a one night sleepover.  But tonight they are … Continue reading

The kids were at their cousins for two nights and Todd and I were excited for some date-night action.  Trying to get over our holiday slothfulness, we decided we’d ride our bikes to the Latona, a pub we used to … Continue reading

Remember on the show Pee-Wee’s Playhouse how he always had a secret word of the day?  Well this morning when I woke up thinking about what my ‘I Never’ should be, I was staring at the big huge dictionary Todd … Continue reading

It’s only 1.7 miles from our house, but we always drive when we go out to dinner in Ballard.  But we’ve been pretty darn lazy lately and haven’t left the house much these past few days, so we really needed some fresh air … Continue reading

Wow, this was hard!  When I got dressed in the morning I put my watch on my right hand, which felt pretty awkward, but it served as my reminder for me to use my left hand for the day.  The … Continue reading

Christmas is steeped in tradition, and we do pretty much the same thing every year, which made adding an ‘I Never’ to my day a bit challenging.  Like always, we got up, opened presents, nibbled on a late breakfast, admired … Continue reading

Cookie production continues, and today Miles and I finished making our ginger-bread reindeer and other ginger-bread creations, including our fist time ever ginger-bread cookie portraits.  I started by making my self-portrait, but it was so much fun that I decided … Continue reading

I’ve been wanted to do this for some time, but I’ve always talked myself out of it.  I didn’t want to do it on a day where we had any social engagements, a work-out day, a day before a big … Continue reading

Can you believe that in all my years I never saw the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  When I was a kid it was on TV non-stop during the holidays.  And every time I clicked the channel and saw it … Continue reading

I have seen Willy Wonka many many times and even own the movie.  Like everyone, I adore this movie, so when I heard it was playing on the big screen with sing-along subtitles and ‘Smell-a-Vision’, there was no keeping me … Continue reading

I’ve almost always had long hair, and when I was a kid I liked to wear braids once in a while, and even dabbled in the French braid look.  But I have never sported the two braid look as an … Continue reading

Apparently these are the three things you must do if you want a snow day.  I just learned about it tonight.  And apparently the the more people who do it, the better the odds are that we’ll get snow.  So Nadine and … Continue reading

Usually I go to Swanson’s every year and spend my Swan Dollars on one of their beautiful wreaths, but this year I thought, Hmm, we got our tree for free, why shouldn’t our wreath be free as well?  So I … Continue reading

I was inspired to learn a card trick after a friend of mine sent me a funny video of Steve Martin doing a card trick.  I think card tricks are pretty cool and yet I’ve never known how to do … Continue reading

A couple of years ago I ‘won’ a pair of handerpants in our annual Christmas white elephant exchange.  I was kind of bummed at the time, but I have to say that I’ve learned to love them.  Not only are … Continue reading

When buying stamps for my holiday cards there are always three types to choose from:  Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.  Growing up we learned about Christmas and Hanukkah, but Kwanzaa was never even mentioned.  When did this holiday come on the … Continue reading

Every year when it’s time to get a Christmas tree, Todd says, “We should just go out to my dad’s house and chop one down.”  He’s been saying that for years, but this is the first year we actually decided … Continue reading

After Todd sent me a video that his friend took of them elfed at Todd’s shop, I immediately downloaded the app and made a video with the kids.  I knew Nadine would love this, and I was right.  She couldn’t … Continue reading

After completing Seth Godin’s Krypton class on overcoming fear, all of the participants of our Krypton group decided we’d continue to meet regularly and work on our Ship-It Journals.  A Ship-It Journal is a pamphlet provided by Seth that facilitates … Continue reading

It would be so much easier if a few weeks before Christmas I could just pick a family photo and upload it to one of the thousands of greeting card services on the web.  Problem is, well there are several:  … Continue reading

The inspiration for this ‘I Never’ came from a blog a friend of mine recommended to me called a bit of sunshine, where the author, on the 10th day of every month, takes 10 pictures – one for each hour … Continue reading

As I was riding towards my office after dropping the kids off at school, I noticed a tiny bird shivering in the middle of the road.  I stopped, picked him up, walked over to the sidewalk, and thought about what … Continue reading

My annual girls day at the Urban Craft Uprising outing is a day I always look forward to so much.  And this year was one of the best.  Usually I just collect business cards, admire the crafts, talk to the … Continue reading

Everyone should do this!!  Wikipedia is so freakin’ awesome. I don’t know why I waited so long. I use it practically everyday of my life. And I’ve been using Wiki Commons to get free images for my blog. Here’s a … Continue reading

Wow, how to I even begin to write about this one?  For the past nine months I have been a student of The Alchemy Mastery Program, and tonight was our last gathering, a celebratory dinner.  I was so excited for … Continue reading

Today one of my studio-mates who used to live in Holland brought in her wooden shoes, put some delicious muffins into them and declared, “Happy Sinterklaas Eve!”  We then listed to David Sedaris on YouTube reading his story about the Dutch … Continue reading

This was an exercise presented in my Alchemy Mastery class, and I was really excited to write my manifesto.  Beth, my teacher, sent the class a bunch of links to web-sites with information and inspiration on writing your own personal … Continue reading

I waited far too long to figure out what my ‘I Never’ for today would be.  It was 9:30 p.m. and all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I couldn’t think of one darn thing I did … Continue reading

Woo hoo!  December 2nd is a date I’ve been looking forward to for a while, because it’s the day I moved into my new studio space with two friends of mine.  I’ll be spending about 6 hours a day at … Continue reading

I did it!  I did every single meditation in the ‘21 Days of Gratitude‘ visual meditation series.  Sure it took me 29 days and was actually 22 days worth of meditations, but I’m so glad I got to do them … Continue reading

I am no clothes hound, but the older you get the more you accumulate I suppose, so I’m really trying to keep the amount of clothes in my closet and drawers to a minimum.  Ultimately I would like to approach … Continue reading

I was looking forward to this field trip almost more than I was Thanksgiving dinner.  Today, the day after Thanksgiving, five of us ladies piled into a big car and headed north to our friend’s clothing swap, in a little … Continue reading

A few months back I wrote a post about a sewing class I took, and the garment I made in that class, that I thought I would wear every day.  Well I shouldn’t have said that.  Because here it is … Continue reading

I love to shop.  Well, not really shop, but I love going to cute little boutiquey stores in cute little neighborhoods, and admire all the stuff.  I’m not much of a buyer, but I still like to go “shopping”.  What … Continue reading

ReadyMade magazine stopped publishing in 2011, but I have kept all of my old magazines which I look at regularly, because something new invariably pops out.  Recently I noticed an article on how to make paint chip orbs, and so … Continue reading

When I was at the TEDx conference a couple of weeks ago, one of the speakers there, Ben Klasky, CEO of IslandWood, said that kids today get an average of 7 hours of screen time per day (which freaked me out), … Continue reading

As payment for the work I’ve done for Blackbird Iron, I asked Todd and Jim to build me a fire-pit.  I’ve described to them what I want, and I’m sure they would make something beautiful from just my description, but … Continue reading

Nadine, who seems to be innately computer savvy, wanted me to show her the Garage Band app, which was going to be my ‘I Never’ for today, because I’ve never learned how to use it.  But it didn’t hold her … Continue reading

Usually Nadine and I play Rummikubs at night, but tonight we decided to try Bananagrams, a game Nadine got for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I love that Nadine loves to play games, and I personally love word games … Continue reading

My sister had recently recommended I watch the French movie “The Intouchables” which you can stream on Netflix, and so I decided I would try and watch it without subtitles to find out how good or bad my French is.  … Continue reading

It’s kind of astounding that in our 9 years of having children, we haven’t had to take them to the emergency room.  Until this fateful evening, that is.  It was around 8:15 p.m. and Miles had just come home from … Continue reading

Back when I was working, I did yoga twice a week at the gym that was in our building, and I treasured those classes.  My teacher was excellent, and the class was at noon so it broke up my day, … Continue reading

The other day when I was at the library I saw a poster that said, “Join us here Monday, Nov. 18, at 6 p.m., for a free writing workshop with this local author!”  I hadn’t heard of the author, Theo … Continue reading

I have been wanting to have a family meeting for a long time.  I want us all to be on the same page with what’s going on, meals, chores, etc.  I thought the dinner table would be the place where … Continue reading

Nadine was having a friend sleep over, we all were at a party in the neighborhood, and the kids and I decided we’d walk home, which meant, of course, we’d end up at the playground.  It was around 9:30pm and … Continue reading

Getting the kids to school in morning has been getting worse and worse lately, and we’ve been arriving at school later and later.  How did this happen?  I have no idea.  But it’s gotten to the point where we arrive … Continue reading

More than two years ago I bought a big beautiful new iMac to replace my old, sluggish, vintage model.  I told the kids that this new iMac was for me, and the old one was for them.  Ha!  They never … Continue reading

I know, this is kind of a boring one, but I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and now that I have a new WordPress website that I’m working on, I wanted to have a local environment to use for … Continue reading

As we were having dinner, once again, I announced that I didn’t have an ‘I Never’ for the day and asked for help.  So we did a little brainstorming and decided that we should upload a funny video to the … Continue reading

When I was really little my Uncle served in Vietnam, and every night when we said our prayers we prayed for his safety.  I had no idea back then where Vietnam was or what he might be doing over there, … Continue reading

Yipes!  How can this be?  Have I really been on this planet for 47 years?  I can remember being at the dinner table with my family back when I was in middle school, talking about the year 2000.  How crazy … Continue reading

When I heard there was going to be a  TEDx conference in Seattle, I knew I had to go.  I’ve been a fan of TED talks for some time now, and here was an opportunity to be inspired by amazing … Continue reading

The other day, I had spent way too much of my day coordinating everyone’s life, emailing and scheduling stuff, and when I got to the playground I said to my friend, “I wish there was a calendering system that included … Continue reading

Pumpkins were on sale, and I bought three of them, thinking of all the yummy stuff I would make with them, like pumpkin muffins for the kids’ after-school snacks.  Plus those small baking pumpkins have so many seeds in them, … Continue reading

Several months ago I took a fabric design class at Makerhaus and spent some time creating a few patterns, but I never created the finished project.  My intention was to silk-screen them onto fabric, but that’s a pretty big endeavor, … Continue reading

Say what?  This ‘I Never’ is a little hard to explain.  But I’ll try.  Let’s just say that I had a jar of water blessed during a spiritual ceremony that I promised to pour into the Puget Sound so that … Continue reading

I used to think meditating meant sitting in the lotus position, chanting with your eyes closed, but I’ve recently learned that there are all kids of ways to meditate.  So when I got an offer to try the visual meditation … Continue reading

It was a perfect fall day and we needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise, so the kids each grabbed a friend and we headed to Greenlake.  The boys brought their skateboards.  The … Continue reading

I spent the day in my Alchemy Mastery class, where I am always exposed to new things; things that really make me think about myself and the world in a whole new way.  I love it so much and it’s … Continue reading

After driving Nadine home from gymnastics I was cranky and the weather was bad, and I wanted to think of an ‘I Never’ that would turn my mood around.  But I was stuck.  Fortunately I had the radio on and … Continue reading

Sadly this year I couldn’t be in more than one place at one time, and instead of Todd and I taking turns passing out candy to the little goblins in our neighborhood, the whole family left to go trick-or-treating with … Continue reading

For the past couple of years Nadine has loved getting feathers and colorful hair extensions, which look amazing against her dark hair.  The last time she got one I thought, “Why don’t I get one?” and resolved to do it … Continue reading

This morning Nadine was grumpy because she couldn’t find the outfit she was looking for, Miles just plain wouldn’t get out of bed, and I had accidentally turned off the stove while trying to get the water boiling.  This is … Continue reading

Sure, I’ve ordered take-out a million times.  But ever since I quit my job we’ve been having home-cooked meals during the week.  It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and I have time.  But Monday and Wednesday nights are ridiculous right now.  Miles … Continue reading

Sure I’ve put out pumpkins before, and last year we even had some skeleton heads out there, but this year Nadine was super excited to do it up for Halloween.  So we got that fake spiderweb stuff and put it … Continue reading

Time races on, and so the first Krytpon Community College course I organized has come and gone so quickly.  But even though we made our way through the coursework over the four week period, there is still so much to … Continue reading

My ‘I Never’ project has become commonplace amongst my friends and family, and we talk a lot about possible ‘I Nevers’.  I’ve written some down here and there, and I’ve stored some in memory, but I thought it would be … Continue reading

I can’t remember the last time I bought something frivolous.  It must have been before I quit my job and had money to spare.  But when I went to this great place in Seattle called Bedrock, where they sell beautiful … Continue reading

Monday mornings are tough to begin with, but this one was getting ridiculous.  The kids, who had gone to bed the night before loving each other so much they wanted to sleep in the same bed, woke up fighting.  Nadine … Continue reading

I do not recommend doing this!  We were at the beach on Whidbey Island which had tons of really cool driftwood everywhere.  So when Miles picked up a big stick of it and started swinging it around, I started throwing … Continue reading

I’ve never drank moonshine, much less apple pie moonshine, so when I was at a neighborhood Oktoberfest party and my friend had a mason jar full of it, I had to give it a try.  Right?  It smelled so yummy … Continue reading

When I cleaned out my closet a couple of months ago, a lot of what I got rid of were old work clothes that I hope to never need again.  I put them in a big trash bag and finally … Continue reading

No, I didn’t drink a blend of wines, I drank wine that had been blended in the blender.  Sounds strange I know, but my mother-in-law came over for dinner, brought a bottle of red wine, and started telling us about … Continue reading

I’ve been wanting to do this forever, and with the room-shifting going on in our house, I had lots of pictures to play with.  And with my parents visiting, I had some help and feedback.  (Very important.) The first thing … Continue reading

My mother-in-law recently gave me a zucchini the size of a baby.  I love to make zucchini muffins for the kids’ snack, so I started grating the zucchini (by hand!) and wow, that was a lot of shredded zucchini!  But … Continue reading

Karate at 5pm, Soccer at 6pm, and Basketball at 7pm.  Ridiculous, but Miles really wanted to do it all, so I let him, and he got all of his homework done when he got home.  Pretty impressive!  This won’t be … Continue reading

Apparently the true definition of skitching‘ is to hitch a ride behind a motorized vehicle on either your skateboard, roller-blades, or bike.  I was getting pulled behind a bicycle, but we still called it skitchin’.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never … Continue reading

So this wasn’t exactly the mechanical bull you’ve seen in movies like Urban Cowboy, it was more the type you see at a kid’s birthday party, but you’ve got to start somewhere I suppose.  And let me tell you, this … Continue reading

I know this doesn’t sound like something very challenging or even new, but the only Wii game I’ve ever played before is Rock Band.  So when Miles asked me to play Wii Sports I said ‘sure’.  And wow, I am … Continue reading

Today was session two of the Krypton class I organized, and the goal of today’s class was to understand the value of projects that can fix something that is broken. So we chose something that is broken, and imagined potential … Continue reading

I subscribe to something called Mom Corps, and get a list of job openings emailed to me weekly.  These are jobs geared to support a mom’s lifestyle – like part-time, flexible hours, or contracting.  I always browse the list and … Continue reading

You’d think living in Seattle we would bike in the rain all of the time.  Well we don’t.  Because it doesn’t rail all of the time, and for some reason, during the 15 minutes it takes us to ride our … Continue reading

If you don’t count snacks, I prepare twenty-one meals per week.  That’s a lot of planning and cooking and shopping!  So this week I decided to plan out the meals in advance, and only go to the grocery store once … Continue reading

We go mushroom hunting this time every year.  For chanterelles.  Yum!  And every year Todd’s mom, a mushroom connoisseur and long-standing member of the Puget Sound Mycology Society, has been our leader – teaching us about mushrooms, where to find … Continue reading

After a very full all-day class I thought I’d just be riding my bike home and chilling out, but oh no, Todd and the kids had ridden their bikes to the UW climbing wall and wanted me to join them.  … Continue reading

So it was 8pm, we were eating dinner, and I said, “Uh oh, I don’t have an ‘I Never’ for today!” So I started thinking about what I might do in the next couple of hours.  Meanwhile Miles, of course, … Continue reading

So here it was, ‘Krypton Thursday‘, and eleven friends were attending the first class entitled Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters.  I had sent the email invitation out expecting a few participants (the … Continue reading

I got to be a chaperone for Nadine’s class field trip to ‘the Farm’ where they have a 12 acre corn maze map of Washington State.  It was pouring rain, but we had  so much fun.  Plus it was a … Continue reading

Oh boy was this hard – both mentally and physically.  My BFFs are at bootcamp, and they are the main reason I get up at 5:30 a.m. to work out in the cold dark morning.  But we talk a lot, … Continue reading

I love blogging.  I love writing, posting pictures, and seeing it all come together out there in cyberspace.  I like seeing the trail of my life in blog posts.  And I totally don’t mind if people don’t read my blog.  … Continue reading

I’d been working on this ‘I Never Log’ project for a week and had gotten it mostly how I wanted, but still needed to add content.  So I started cranking out the ‘I nevers’ I had written down in my … Continue reading

Today marks the end of gluten-free week.  I wanted to try eating gluten-free to see if I felt differently, and because so many people are gluten-free these days, I wondered how hard it would be to make the switch.  And … Continue reading

Nadine’s making the TV room her own room has caused a lot of shifts in the house, especially in the living room.  I had to move the TV and the cabinet the TV sits on into the living room, which … Continue reading

I think it’s amazing that this is the first time ever that Nadine has missed school for being sick.  Not even in pre-school did she miss a day.  So when she woke up with a fever and I said she … Continue reading

I have actually made a pencil holder before.  Several probably.  It seemed to be the craft of choice when I was a kid.  We’d bring an empty frozen orange juice can to school, cover it with wall-paper, and voilà! -  … Continue reading

I started this blog just over a year ago, and I haven’t done much enhancement.  I did include the random quote generator a few months back, but besides that, I just wanted to keep it simple and concentrate on the … Continue reading

I have been wanting to try to make my own pickles for a long time, so this year I decided to plant pickling cucumbers in my garden.  Unfortunately they didn’t do that great.  I planted them next to nasturtiums that … Continue reading

Kicking off our week of eating gluten-free, I decided to bake Gwenyth Paltrow’s sweet potato gluten-free muffins.  Click here and you can get the recipe and see her bake them with Rachael Ray.  They are super delicious, although mine had a … Continue reading

As I was getting ready for bed it struck me, I hadn’t done an I never today.  So I thought about my day, and couldn’t come up with anything.  Nada. I had just put the kids to bed and Miles … Continue reading

Standing out it not something I thrive on, or even feel that comfortable with.  But I suppose, being as tall as I am, it is sometimes unavoidable.  And when I ride my big white and green ‘Mama Scooter‘ around, people … Continue reading

Isn’t it scary sometimes, after you’ve written an email that’s important to you, to just click the send button?  It was for me when I drafted an email inviting a bunch of my friends to participate in a class based … Continue reading

So I decided to track my ‘I Nevers’ on my blog, but first I had to figure out how it would look and how it would work.  I decided to keep it as simple as possible, but it still meant … Continue reading

Six years ago I bought some tall black boots for a trip we were going on.  It was winter, I needed to look nice, and we’d be walking a lot.  Fortunately I found the perfect pair, and I have loved … Continue reading

So I didn’t make vinegar in a day.  I’ve been actually ‘making’ it for about eight months.  This is just the first time I’ve taken some out, put it in a jar, and used it.  I’ll explain… It all started … Continue reading

I came up with this idea when I was making pancakes for breakfast and was thinking about what I should make for dinner.  So I decided to take the same cookbook I was using for pancakes, closed it, shut my … Continue reading

Nadine has beautiful straight long shiny black hair, and she loves to do fancy hairdos.  She even watches YouTube videos on how to do fancy hairdos.  And she wants me to watch them with her so I can learn how … Continue reading

This may sound boring, but I’ve spent a lot of time getting the data in QuickBooks set up correctly, so that Todd’s business can have meaningful reports that accurately reflect the state of their business – like profitability by job … Continue reading

So I moved the TV into the living room; something I swore I never would do.  But it was the only logical place since we made the TV room Nadine’s room.  And I have to admit, I can’t believe how … Continue reading

Getting my knives sharpened ended up being much more of an adventure than I’d anticipated.  I had originally intended to get them done at the Ballard Sunday Market, but the knife-sharpening guy wasn’t there.  The info booth told me that … Continue reading

I have a friend who mixed up a home-made batch of all-natural oil that she used to treat her wood cutting boards.  She had extra and gave me a bunch in a peanut-butter jar, and I have been meaning to … Continue reading

While I was strolling through the farmer’s market on my solo Sunday morning, I stopped at the Firefly Kitchens booth where they were selling kimchi and other fermented veggies.  When I was canning veggies last summer I started to read … Continue reading

After spending all day Saturday at my Alchemy Mastery class, Todd called to say he was taking the kids camping and would I like to join them.  Hmm, what to do, what to do…  I hate to miss out on … Continue reading

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for quite some time, and hooray I finally got to.  When Nadine and I were at IKEA we bought this really pretty black and white fabric and bought a yard.  I had some … Continue reading

I can’t stand the way my husband loads the dishwasher.  Why doesn’t he make better use of the space?  Why doesn’t he use the double-decker shelf for small glasses?  Why does he put big bowls on the top where the … Continue reading

I talk a lot.  I need to listen more.  And I need to listen better.  I thought that was what this ‘I Never’ was going to be about.  But it wasn’t.  Because if I’m not talking at all, and other … Continue reading

The computer, the TV, and my iPhone – it’s a love/hate relationship.  Going without for a day was actually pretty dreamy.  It was a quiet Wednesday, and I had a lot to do re-organizing the house after moving Nadine into … Continue reading

Nadine was going back to school shopping with her friend and her friend’s mom.  She was already done with most of her shopping, but still needed a lunch bag and water bottle.  I didn’t have any cash to give her, … Continue reading

When we went on our kayaking/camping trip over labor day weekend, I forgot to pack my bra and undies.  Duh!  So I wore my bathing suit the entire time.  Ugh.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  … Continue reading

As if kayaking to a tiny island and camping wasn’t exciting enough, on Saturday night we discovered phosphorescence in the water, or as Miles called it, “a glow show!”  So we took the kids out, one by one, and paddle … Continue reading

This was a pretty last minute trip, but it was a phenomenal way to spend our last weekend of summer vacation.  We weren’t sure if the kids would be able to navigate these large boats, but they did great.  We … Continue reading

This is probably the lamest ‘I Never’ so far, but at the end of the day, it’s all I could come up with.  Miles was at boat camp all day and for lunch they were kayaking across the lake to … Continue reading

Finally, we’re done!  We’ve set up her bed and moved everything out of the room she shared with her brother.  We’ve been to Grandma’s to get the bed she was saving for her and to IKEA for everything else we … Continue reading

I’ve run to the store, or the neighbors, and left both kids home alone for quickies like that, but this time I took Miles to Karate, stayed, brought him home, and let Nadine stay at home by herself the whole … Continue reading

Nadine is finally getting her own room.  We’ve given up the TV room to make it hers, and she is beyond thrilled.  But the TV room had brown walls.  Very nice, but not right for Nadine.  Nadine is going with … Continue reading

I’ve been rafting before, a few times actually, but this was the first time I’d been rafting with the kids and Grandma.  We were staying at friends’ cabin and Todd’s friend drove up with his river raft and took us … Continue reading

We dog-sat Murray, our friends’ very small and very adorable ‘schnoodle’, and ended up taking him everywhere we went.  He’s just so light and portable, it’s hard not too.  As Nadine and I were running around getting stuff for her … Continue reading

We went away with the kids for Todd’s birthday to a friend’s cabin, and the kids begged us to play their favorite hide-and-seek game, called Sardines.  I really just wanted to relax and read my magazine, but my mouth said … Continue reading

At the end of the day I thought ‘Oh no, I didn’t do an I Never today!‘  So I replayed the day in my head and concluded that I had never made blueberry syrup before.  I had a flat of … Continue reading

According to myfootprint.org it’s 146.55.  If everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle we would need 3.78 earths.  Wow, that surprised me.  I have a small house in a temperate climate and I don’t drive much.  But there’s still so … Continue reading

I counted all of the things I had hanging in my closet – there were 73 – and proceeded to get rid of 37.  I thought this would be hard to do, but it was a synch, especially getting rid … Continue reading

A friend of mine sent me a link to Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s free 21-day Meditation Challenge, so I tried it.  I did it for two days in the morning when I got some rare alone time, but I didn’t … Continue reading

I love my side of the bed.  It is so much better than Todd’s.  Why?  Well, it’s cozy and has all my books and magazines next to it, but other than that, I don’t really know.  So I tried his … Continue reading

We won $40.  We spent $20.  Not too bad! It might be hard to believe that I’ve never bought lottery tickets, but it’s the truth.  I got the idea after writing this post.  So when Nadine and I were at … Continue reading

Sometimes when I go to the library, books jump out at me, and I have to check them out; like this one: “Start and Run Your Own Staging Business“.  I love to decorate, and after reading the book I thought, … Continue reading

This is my first official “I Never”, and I loved it.  I wrote a post about it in August, so I’ll just summarize here.  Basically I went to a summer barbeque in a long black velvet dress and people, kids … Continue reading