Until now, I never...
Added a New Bank Account to Quickbooks


I wish this wasn’t my ‘I Never’ for today, but alas it must be.  Today was tough, and I was crabby most of the day.  I think it’s because I started my day with Todd’s bookkeeping, and I wasn’t looking forward to adding a new bank account and line of credit to Quickbooks, something I’d never done before.  I wasn’t worried about it because before getting started with Quickbooks I always make a back-up of the current version, so if I screw things up, I can always revert back.  (Thank god for that.)  And Intuit (who makes Quickbooks) has the most helpful support site I’ve ever experienced, so the steps on how to do this were laid out perfectly.  So I jumped right in, got the new account set up in Quickbooks no problem, but next I had to set up the bank account for on-line banking, and this is where the brown stuff hit the fan.

I went to bank’s site, created a login, password, entered all kinds of info, and was told, “Welcome to on-line banking!”  But where was the file to download and import into Quickbooks?  I searched and searched until finally I had to acquiesce, and called customer service.  After going through all of the obnoxious “press 1 for English” and “enter your social security number, followed by the pound sign” steps, I was finally connected with a person.  But she wouldn’t help me until I gave her the bank account number, Todd’s social security number, and all kinds of other information that took forever to gather.  Okay, finally she could help me.  “I’m just looking for the link to download the transactions.” I told her.  “That’s just to the right of the account number on the screen,” she replied.  Really, I had to give you Todd’s social security number for you to tell me that?  I thought.  But there was no link.  She tried to take me to about five different pages looking for that link.  Then she asked me all kinds of crazy unrelated questions, then she put me on hold for 5 minutes.  Finally she came back and told me that if I had just signed up for on-line banking today, that the link to download a file for Quickbooks wouldn’t be available until tomorrow.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME PEOPLE??????  Why didn’t that message get related anywhere?  Why did I have to spend 45 minutes on the phone with someone who didn’t know that?  What is wrong with the world?  Oh boy, I was mad.  But at least I got my answer.  And now I get to do this again next week.

Sorry for my outburst.