Until now, I never...
Added Items to Sell in my Zazzle Store


The other day I set up my Zazzle store, which wasn’t very thrilling since I didn’t have any products to sell.  So today I decided to put a couple of products in it.  I didn’t have much of a plan or a design I had in mind to use, so I decided to find some photos and make them into greeting cards.  I used the photo of a mushroom and a photo of a thistle I’d taken last year.  Turning them into greeting cards was pretty straight forward, then I added a little logo to the back, named my price (or “royalty rate” as they call it), and that was pretty much all there was to it.  I would love to, at some point, create a more professional looking store front, and be more intentional with my design and product, but this was a good start and I think it would be fun to take it to the next level.  We shall see!