Until now, I never...
Added my Story to my Skillshare Project Plan


I love Skillshare.  So far I’ve only taken one on-line class there – “The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time” – but even though I’ve finished the course material, I haven’t quite finished creating the business model for my project.  I imagine I will refer back to the course material regularly, as I continue to refine my business model, and as ideas come to me.  My project is saved on the Skillshare site, and right now I have the setting set to ‘private’ so that nobody besides me can view it.  My project is related to my pillows, and right now my tag line is “Hand crafted textiles for your home.”

Today I went to the site to update my project with the name I’ve chosen for my business, and as I started writing about why I chose my (yet-to-be disclosed) name, I started to write the story of how I got here – the concise version.  I think stories are important.  They are what connects you to other people and are part of what makes your work art, and not just a product.  I thought it was important to include my story as part of my business model because it is really the back-bone of who I am and why I’m doing this. And as my story continues to unfold and develop, I suppose my my business plan will too.