Until now, I never...
Applied for a job as an ‘Assistant Interior Designer’

Old Fashined Living Room

Sometimes when I go to the library, books jump out at me, and I have to check them out; like this one: “Start and Run Your Own Staging Business“.  I love to decorate, and after reading the book I thought, Hmmm, I could do this.  So for kicks I looked to see if there were any jobs on Craigslist.com for stagers.  And one came up.  It paid $11/hour and the post said, ‘don’t even bother applying if you don’t have an Interior Design degree or no staging experience’, which of course I didn’t.  But I applied anyway.  Why?  Well, first when I told Nadine about the job she said, “Oh mom, that would be a PERFECT job for you!”  Secondly, I thought it would be a good exercise to try and write a convincing cover letter that might get noticed, and to tweak my resume to work outside the IT worldd.  Well, I haven’t heard back, which isn’t that surprising, but it was still a good exercise none-the-less.