Until now, I never...
Ate Kimchi


While I was strolling through the farmer’s market on my solo Sunday morning, I stopped at the Firefly Kitchens booth where they were selling kimchi and other fermented veggies.  When I was canning veggies last summer I started to read about and get interested in the fermentation process, and then over Labor Day weekend I met the owner of Firefly Kitchens, which rekindled my interest.  So when I saw the booth at the farmer’s market, I knew I had to try a jar, and wow, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.  It tastes good on it’s own, but it’s even better when mixed in with a salad, or my favorite, on a grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato.  Miles tasted it and wouldn’t stop eating it, so I had to take the jar away from him.  Now I need to stock up on some more.

For most of my life I though pickled cabbage sounded like just about the worst thing you could ever eat, but now I might become a junkie.  Which could be a really good thing.  Kimchi is packed with vitamins and minerals, is excellent for digestion and your immune system, has lots of fiber, and apparently even helps control your appetite by lowering blood sugar levels.  Sounds like the perfect food, if there is such a thing.