Until now, I never...
Ate Kumquats Right Off the Tree


This is my fifth year going to Palm Springs for President’s Day Weekend and Modernism Week.  When you go to the same place on vacation every year, you end up doing many of the same things, which makes coming up with a unique ‘I Never’ a bit challenging.  There are, however, some of the obvious ‘I Nevers’ I could chose from, like “I never ate at this restaurant before” or “I never order this drink by the pool” before, but that kind of feels like cheating to me.  Today I struggled more than ever to find an ‘I Never’.

My friend who I always go to Palm Springs with thought she could help, and started coming up with some outrageous possible ‘I Nevers’ like:  I never got into a cat-fight by the pool before, or I never bought an expensive convertible on a whim before, or I never sang karaoke at a street fair before.  Obviously none of those options would work.  We ended up, after dinner, at a funny street fair that we’d never been to before, and there was all kinds of crazy stuff going on at this fair.  There was a guy with the worst toupee I’ve ever seen playing the guitar and singing Lionel Richie songs, a guy with an electric cello playing super loud New Agey music dressed as a robot, and what captured my attention most was a guy making incredible paintings with spray paint.

So what should my ‘I Never’ be?  Well, I thought and thought about it and decided I would just have to pick something I saw at the street fair, but when I looked at the pictures on my phone from the day, DUH! there it was.  A picture of three adorable little kumquats I had picked from the trees at the hotel. Of course!  I had never ever eaten kumquats right off the tree!  In fact I probably had only eaten a few kumquats in my whole entire life.

This is another thing I love about California – the citrus trees.  In past years we’ve picked the most unbelievable delicious grapefruits from the trees, and oranges and lemons grow everywhere, but this is the first time I’d even noticed the kumquats.  The things that’s so cool about kumquats is that you eat the whole thing, skin and all.  So you get the tartness of the skin combined with the sweet juicy inside, and it is pure heaven.  And the best breath freshener ever.

Wow, that was a super long ‘I Never’ post about a really simple ‘I Never’…