Until now, I never...
Attended a Global Reading Challenge Competition


My kids go to a great school.  One of the things that makes their school great is the library and the librarian.  They have access to so many amazing books, and a librarian who instills a love of books in those kids.  When you walk into the library, there is a picture of Nadine taped to the front desk.  In that picture she’s in first grade and is completely absorbed in a book.  It is so darn cute.

Nadine is a reader.  She reads a lot of books – often many at once.  So when the opportunity to participate in the Global Reading Challenge came up, she signed up.  (She’s also a joiner.)  And today was the big day.  The first competition.  She was a member of a team of about eight 4th and 5th graders who had to read at least 5 of the 10 books on the Global Reading Challenge reading list.  There were about 7 teams participating, and each team had to answer 24 questions about the books the read.  The team that answered the most questions correctly would progress to the semi-finals, then the city finals.

The questions were about the characters, plots, and settings, and for each question the members of the team put their heads together to provide the best answer in 30 seconds.  They usually answered the questions immediately, and at the end, when they tallied the scores, oh boy was it close.  The winning team was the only team that got every single answer correct.  Nadine’s team missed only one, as did most of the other teams.  So impressive!  I really loved seeing those kids working together, and cheering each-other on.

Nadine wasn’t at all sad that she didn’t win.  She was happy for the other team, especially since her BFF is on that team, and her BFF had read every single book on the reading list.  Hopefully they will do well in the semi-finals.

Go readers!!!!