Until now, I never...
Became a Velvet Painting

Summer Velvet Painting

This is my first official “I Never”, and I loved it.  I wrote a post about it in August, so I’ll just summarize here.  Basically I went to a summer barbeque in a long black velvet dress and people, kids mostly, painted me, hence my becoming ‘a velvet painting’.  This was definitely something pretty far outside of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun.  What did learn from this one?  Well, a few things for sure…

  1. Painting on velvet is awesome!  Especially with neon or white paint.
  2. Kids are the most natural and enthusiastic artists.  These kids just starting painting, without any worry about it being perfect, and without much thought of what they were doing.  They just just started painting and kept painting, and had to be dragged away from me because it was getting late.
  3. Trusting my gut is more important than other people’s feedback.  I didn’t tell a lot of people I was going to do this, but when I did I got a lot of skepticism, and one friend of mine said, “You’re going to let people paint on your boobs and your butt???”  The lady at the art store who sold me the paints was the only one who showed much enthusiasm about my idea.
  4. Kids could care less about painting on your butt or your boobs – to them those are just parts like any other.
  5. I can always count on my friends and family for support when I’m nervous about something.