Until now, I never...
Bleached Nadine’s Hair


For a very long time now, Nadine has asking me if she can bleach her hair, and for a very long time I have been doing my best to avoid the topic.  She has gorgeous long almost-black hair.  Why mess with that?  But we finally came to a compromise and I said we could try the ombre effect on the ends, that way if she didn’t like it we could chop it off.  So yesterday we went to the beauty supply store and got what we needed, and today was the big day.  And I have to say, I was a bit nervous, having 80s flashbacks of giving my friend Karin a perm in my kitchen, and being horrified at how badly it turned out.

We decided to make our salon on the back deck, and we got all of the supplies ready.  We had our jar of solution (quick blue bleach mixed with cream developer), an applicator brush, a comb, a towel, many squares of aluminum foil, and an Archie magazine for Nadine to read.  Nadine sat down, I wrapped the towel around her shoulders and started painting on the solution, one strand at at time, then wrapping it in aluminum foil.  Once all of her hair was wrapped, we set the timer for 40 minutes.  Then we rinsed out the solution, she took a shower and conditioned her hair, and then we did it again.  We did it three times, and each time I went a little bit higher painting the solution on her hair.  We had to do it three times because her hair is so dark.  For lighter hair you might only do it once and/or use a different solution.  After our third round, we took out the foil, and it didn’t really look like much had happened.  Uh oh.  But then when her hair was completely dry, we could see the results clearly, and clearly we had done a great job.  Her hair looked beautiful.  And she loved it.  Here she is:

Nadine with beautiful ombre hair