Until now, I never...
Bought Glow-in-the-Dark Space Panties


My annual girls day at the Urban Craft Uprising outing is a day I always look forward to so much.  And this year was one of the best.  Usually I just collect business cards, admire the crafts, talk to the vendors, and purchase one thing with my birthday money, but this year I went a little crazy.  This year I bought two prints, a tea towel, two pottery mugs, a dress, and glow-in-the-dark space panties.  I’m not sure what got into me.  I’ve been so frugal for so long.  Perhaps I’m just feeling a little rich having just gotten my first check for my bookkeeping services for Blackbird Iron + Design.  I told my friends at lunch we should shop and lunch every weekend, not just once a year!