Until now, I never...
Built a Fire All by Myself


Todd is the fire master.  He has built a million camp fires in his life, under the worst of conditions, and I don’t think he can stand watching anyone struggle with fire, especially me.  So that’s why I’ve never built a fire before.  But I wanted this to be my ‘I Never’ for today, and so he left me alone.  And struggle I did.  Our camp site was damp, and our wood was damp.  But I built a little tee-pee out of small pieces of wood, put wood shavings under it, and tried to get it to light.  But it wouldn’t stay lit.  It was suggested that I use some tree sap to keep it lit, and that actually worked really well.  For a while.  But just before I thought it would go out on me again, the kids shouted, “Mom, you have to blow on it!” and that was the ticket.  Ahhhhh, fire….