Until now, I never...
Celebrated ‘Suzanne Day’

Suzanne Jumps

Last weekend I was super excited to have some time by myself.  Todd and Miles had gone up to Anacortes on Friday afternoon and weren’t coming back until Saturday night, and Nadine was off to a sleepover at a friend’s house and then was going to go skiing (last day of the season!) all day Saturday, and I was really excited to have the house to myself all day Saturday.  But on Saturday morning, around 9am, just after getting cozy in my bed with a cup of coffee and some of my favorite magazines and books, the phone rang.  The girls weren’t going skiing.  The dad who was taking them was super sick and couldn’t go.  No problem, I said, just drop them off here and I’ll take them for the day.  And we had a really really fun day.

I was kind of sad to lose my 10+ hours of Suzanne time on Saturday, but I reminded myself that I have the ability to make my own schedule (most of the time), and so I decided I would pick a day during the week and make it my own.  That was today.

Today I didn’t have any pressing reason to go to my office, and the weather was outstanding.  So after taking the kids to school I rode back home, took out the big piece of carrot cake from Miles’s birthday that I had put in the freezer a few weeks ago when I was off the sugar, and decided that it would be my lunch.  Then I decided to just let the day take me where it would.

First stop, yogurt for breakfast and a little bit of computing – nothing new here.  Then I opened a bunch of windows and the back sliding door and sat down to do a little sewing.  I made another pot holder and timed myself.  I made it in 30 minutes flat, and that included fixing one mistake.  Not bad.  Then I spent the rest of the day, pulling weeds and planting a few things in the front yard.  I took a break at 1:30 for my decadent lunch, which may have been the best piece of cake I have ever had in my life.  Then at 3pm I had to go pick up the kids.  So I packed up a snack and some magazines, and biked over to the school playground, where I spent and hour and a half chit chatting with my favorite moms while Miles played with some of his favorite pals.

Nadine had gone over to a friend’s house, so at 5:30 I rode my bike over there.  When I arrived I was greeted with a big glass of white wine, and so I sat in their gorgeous back yard and hung out for another hour, chit chatting and laughing.  Then I rode home with Nadine who was on her skateboard.  Nadine on her skateboard is about the cutest thing in the world.

Wine before dinner is a dangerous thing.  It made me so sleepy, and I plopped into bed at 9:30.  And I started feeling a little guilty about my day.  Go away bad feelings!  I thought to myself, I’m allowed to have a day like this!  But a nervous feeling come over me that I just couldn’t shake.  Was it because I’m approaching my two year anniversary of having quit my job?  Am I feeling guilty that I’m not making much money?  That I having gotten my shit together yet?  Fortunately I was too tired to ponder it for too long, and feel asleep by ten.  Thank goodness, because it had been a really fantastic day.