Until now, I never...
Chopped Down our Family Christmas Tree


Every year when it’s time to get a Christmas tree, Todd says, “We should just go out to my dad’s house and chop one down.”  He’s been saying that for years, but this is the first year we actually decided to really go and do it. Last year we got spoiled, with our huge beautiful (and free!) Christmas tree from Whole Foods, and I wonder if a little part of me thought we should get another free tree this year.

So we all drove out to Grandpa’s house to make a day of it:  choosing a tree, chopping it down, having some lunch, then going home to put it up and decorate it.  We even got Grandpa to take a photo for our Christmas card.  A very successful day.

Even though Grandpa’s house is surround by tall evergreen’s, it wasn’t easy to find a good tree.  So we finally chose a tall skinny thing very near his house, and then took just the top few feet for our tree.  Here’s a video of our tee coming down:

And here’s a picture of Miles decorating it:

our adorable tree that we cut down ourselves

It might not be a fancy Douglas Fir from Whole Foods, but it’s super cute and we love it.