Until now, I never...
Chose a Secret Word of the Day


Remember on the show Pee-Wee’s Playhouse how he always had a secret word of the day?  Well this morning when I woke up thinking about what my ‘I Never’ should be, I was staring at the big huge dictionary Todd had recently brought home, and finally decided I should have an ‘I Never’ related to that dictionary.  So I randomly opened it up, landed on a ‘P’ page, and started looking for a word I’d never heard of before.  Most of the words on the page had a ‘pre’ prefix and were familiar, except for the word ‘predacious‘, which means predatory.  This would be my secret word of the day!  Now I just needed an opportunity to use it…

Today we went roller-skating.  And it was a blast, but after skating for two and half hours, the kids were tired and hungry.  Nadine and her friend were at the candy claw machine and when they finally clawed themselves some candy, Miles grabbed it out of the chute and took off.  Finally relenting and giving the candy back to Nadine, I told Miles that it isn’t okay to be predacious; that he isn’t an animal and that only animals are predacious, not little boys.  Todd said, “I don’t even know what ‘predacious’ means, but you can’t grab candy like that.”  Nobody even asked me what it meant, and we left.

Later when we got home Nadine asked me what my ‘I Never’ for today was, and I told her about my secret word.  She thought it was cool and so I showed it to her in the big fat dictionary:

precacious in the dictionary