Until now, I never...
Committed to Organize a Krypton Class

Krypton Community College

Isn’t it scary sometimes, after you’ve written an email that’s important to you, to just click the send button?  It was for me when I drafted an email inviting a bunch of my friends to participate in a class based on the ideas of Seth Godin.

I love Seth Godin and what he’s doing.  I get his daily blog posts emailed to me, and a few weeks ago I got one that introduced ‘Krypton‘, a new project he’s launching based on the idea that we learn better when we learn together.  So I followed the ‘Krypton’ link in his post, signed up to receive the Krypton newsletters, knew immediately that I wanted to be part of this, and decided to be an organizer.  How could I not?  It’s free, and it’s open to everyone.  How cool is that?

So I sent out the email, and people signed up.  (Scary step #1 accomplished.)  We’ll meet for an hour or so, every Thursday at noon, for four weeks.  This first course is entitled  Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters.  Here is a link to the course syllabus if you’re interested.  So, onto scary step #2 – actually facilitating the class.  Fortunately I will be amongst friends, and I am super excited for this great opportunity.

Here is a very cool video from the Krypton site that describes the philosophy behind the project: