Until now, I never...


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Yesterday was my 365th ‘I Never’.  Every day for one year, starting on August 16th, 2013 and ending on August 15th, 2014, I did something I’d never done before.  Sound hard?  Well it wasn’t.  The hardest thing was keeping track of what I’d done, and then trying to keep up with posting and writing about it.

None of the things I did were very big or very scary.  I didn’t go bungee jumping or skydiving or shave my head.  That wasn’t the point.  The point was to try new things, to push myself out of my comfort zone, to broaden my horizons, to open my mind, to get over myself, and to move forward.  And I’d say it was huge success.  I loved this project!  Not only did I accomplish what I set out to do, but even better, there were so many unexpected things that happened along the way.  Like the impact it had on my kids.  They were my biggest supporters and frequent participators.  So were my friends and my husband.  It wouldn’t have been the same without them.  And then there was the writing.  Lots and lots of writing, every day, about mundane things – such good practice.  And I really loved finding the photos to include with my posts.  Plus I got some good WordPress experience, adding the ‘I Never Log’ by creating a new plugin and custom post type for the new pages.  Best of all, I think, is that I have a quirky little journal of my past year, with pictures.

I have to admit that I’m a little sad that the project is over.  I’m going to miss the creativity it gave me, the excuse to say “why not?”, as well as the drive and commitment to try new things.  It’s nice to have a little break from it, but there are so many ‘I Nevers’ I didn’t get to.  There are still so many things I want to try, and without this platform and commitment, I worry that I’m just going to go back to that mentally of thinking “I’ll get to that later.”  So I’m contemplating ways I can hold onto the ‘I Never’ mentality and keep doing things I’ve never done before.  And I have a few ideas.

To be continued, I think…