Until now, I never...
Completed an On-Line Skillshare Class


I started this class many many weeks ago and I finally completed it yesterday.  It was truly a great class about starting a business, but a bit premature for me starting my pillow business I’m afraid.  But that’s okay!  I got a lot of great ideas and advice from the class, and I will continue to have the course material available to me for a while.  So when I get closer to being able to formulate a more concrete business model, I will go back to it, and go through all of the steps again.

Taking an on-line class takes some discipline, but I think Skillshare did an incredible job at making the website straight-foward and easy to use.  Best of all I love that it allowed for sharing and collaboration.  I’m not sure how many poeple have taken this class, but there are currently 633 business project plans on the site that people are sharing.  It’s really incredible, and incredibly fascinating to see what other people are up to.