Until now, I never...
Created Business Cards

sketch book

So I’ve signed up to do a craft fair on August 2nd and I’m a little overwhelmed with all the things I think I need to do to get ready.  Mostly I need to sew like the wind, but I also need to have some marketing materials, a way to accept payment, and a decent looking display, none of which I have yet.  But today I spent some time making business cards, setting up a new email account, and starting an etsy store, which won’t be open until I actually add some merchandise to sell.

I didn’t want to make business cards from any of the templates, although Zazzle.com has really great designs to chose from.  I wanted to make something that represented me as best as possible.  So I took a sketch from my sketchbook to use for the front side of the business cared, and I used the words from one of my pillow designs for the back side, added my contact info, uploaded it to Zazzle.com and ta da!  Hopefully I’ll get them in the mail next week.

I showed them to Todd and he said, “Those are the best looking business cards I’ve ever seen!”  Good answer.  I think they’re not very mature looking.  But I like them.  Here’s what they look like…