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Created My First Design to Silkscreen onto Fabric

Suzanne's manifesto

My Ship-It Journal project is to silk-screen designs on fabric, sew them into home decor items, then sell them at a craft fair, and my deadline is mid-July.  So today I put together my first design so that on Tuesday night I can go to the Vera Project and burn my screens.  I decided that for my first project I’d start small, and try to make some pillows.

This first design is really just text.  It’s a bunch of inspirational words that I put together a few years ago for a Christmas card I silk-screened, and on the back I wrote “New Year’s Resolutions: ” and then a list of inspirational verbs.  I’ve added a few words since then, and for me these words represent a kind of a personal manifesto.

Making these words into a fabric design however, was more challenging than I’d imagined.  Making them fit into a square, spaced in a pleasing way took a while.  Eventually I’d like to make them repeat in a way that would work for bigger yardage, but that is a challenge that I’m not going to take on just yet.

Here’s a bigger version of the design for the pillow.  I can’t wait to get it on fabric!

Suzanne's manifesto