Until now, I never...
Critiqued a Web-Site


A friend of my mine referred me to a friend of his to possibly do some web development work.  So I had a nice meeting with his friend, then met up with the person who manages the web-site, and had a very interesting conversation.  It turned out that what they thought they wanted wasn’t necessarily what they needed, and so instead of doing any web work, they asked me if I’d give them an overall critique of their site.  I said sure, and today I made a list of comments and suggestions about their site, and sent it off, hoping they wouldn’t take it too badly, because I had a very long list of suggestions.  And I suggested they think about what is the primary intention of their site.

Funny thing about being a critic though, is that it kind of clashes with my personality, I think.  I think I am a person who likes to be liked, and a critic typically isn’t.  A critic is someone who judges the merit of something, good or bad, and that doesn’t necessarily make you popular.  But I felt good about what I said, and my intentions, and so hopefully they’ll see that I just want to help them have a great site that serves their purposes.