Until now, I never...
Did Yoga in my Living Room


Back when I was working, I did yoga twice a week at the gym that was in our building, and I treasured those classes.  My teacher was excellent, and the class was at noon so it broke up my day, allowing me to completely forget about my job for that one precious hour.  Plus it made me flexible and strong, and helped me to heal my oh-so-sore back, a side-effect of having young children.

When I quit my job, I quit yoga too, and I’ve hardly done it since.  It’s expensive and time consuming to go to a yoga studio or join a gym with yoga, but recently I noticed on my TV’s Roku device that there was a yoga channel called Yoga Vibes, and so I decided to give it a try.  You can try it for free for 15 days, and then it costs $20/month.  The class I did was 78 minutes long which is a tad bit long for me (I would prefer just one hour), but it was a great class.  I could still do most of the stuff, but I didn’t flip my downward dog, and couldn’t stay in bridge pose for very long.  I’ll need to work up to those again.

Holy cow, was I sore the next day!  You know what they say:  “Use it, or lose it.”   So obviously I need to start using those muscles again.  It’s time to get yoga back into my life.