Until now, I never...
Didn’t Look in the Mirror for a Week


I loved this I Never! And even though it was a tough challenge, it was also so very interesting because I learned that:

  1. Mirrors are everywhere and really hard to avoid.  Not only are mirrors everywhere, but I would often catch my reflection in the car window, in my phone’s reflection, and even on the back of the metal doors in the bathrooms at Greenlake.  Sometimes it was just unavoidable to see my mirror image.
  2. Looking in the mirror is a habit that’s hard to break.  I realized that so often when I walk through my living room I instinctively look in the mirror over the mantle.  It was really hard not to do that this week.
  3. Giving up mirrors means giving up shopping.  I really needed a new pair of shorts, but there was no way I was going to buy a pair without looking in a mirror.
  4. Since I didn’t check myself out in the mirror, I actually had a better self image.  I felt skinnier.  So instead of buying new shorts, I decided to wear an old pair that I had thought were too tight and made me look fat.  And maybe they were.  But I didn’t care.  In my mind they made me look hot, and I wore them all week long.
  5. If you don’t look in the mirror, you really need to rely on others to tell you when you have mustard in the corner of your mouth, or walk you through digging something out of your teeth.
  6. Everyone should try this.

I just wanted to add that when I was searching Google Images for a photo to use with this post, I found this one  which comes from a blog called Little Things I Do, and I wanted to make sure to give credit for it.  I think it’s awesome: