Until now, I never...
Doodled in Miles’s Doodle Book


Here I was again, at the end of the day, ready to just chill out and watch TV with the kids, and I didn’t have an ‘I Never’.  So when Miles asked me if I’d doodle in his doodle book, I said, “Sure!  And it can be my ‘I Never’ too!”

Miles is really into my ‘I Never’ project, always asking me what my ‘I Never’ for the day is, and trying to come up with ‘I Nevers’ for me.  I love that he’s so into this project and I hope that it may some day help him feel better about doing things he’s never done before, or being more comfortable with going outside of his comfort zone.  Maybe it already has.  But I digress..

The caption said, “Draw the silliest things you can think of.”  This is a very bad photo of what I came up with:

The silliest things