Until now, I never...
Downloaded and Tried to Learn Sketchup


As payment for the work I’ve done for Blackbird Iron, I asked Todd and Jim to build me a fire-pit.  I’ve described to them what I want, and I’m sure they would make something beautiful from just my description, but I thought I’d try to draw it out for them using Sketchup, a free 3-D modeling app – not so much for them, but for me to see if I would like the idea that’s in in my head rendered in 3-D.

Turns out that was not a one-day endeavor.  I downloaded the app, and was able to make a cylinder shape very quickly, but setting the dimensions and thickness of the material was challenging.  And so, of course, I went to YouTube to get some tutorials.  Turns out that most of the tutorials on working with cylinders are tutorials on PVC piping, and not much use for me.  So I am still trying to figure out the software.  If and when I do, I will post a picture of my fire-pit – good or bad.