Until now, I never...
Drank “Gallon Margaritas” with my Mom Friends


Nadine’s good friend’s mom had been asking the rest of us moms at school if we’d like to have a last-day-of-school potluck in her back yard with slip-and-slide and water guns for the kids, and “a gallon of margaritas” for the moms.  “Yes please!” was the unanimous reply from the moms, and after much anticipation, today was the last day of school.  Woo hoo!  And it was actually a beautiful sunny day and not a dreary June last-day-of-school like we often have here in Seattle.  So after the early dismissal and lulling about the playground so the kids could get their yearbooks signed, we made it over to the party at around 3pm.

When we arrived I went into the kitchen to deal with my potluck dish, and in the sink was a picture-perfect pile of discarded lemons and limes.  (A LOT of freshly squeezed lemons and limes goes into a gallon of margaritas apparently.)  Within a matter of seconds a margarita was placed in my hand, and it was, hands down, the most delicious margarita I had ever had!  A lot of lemons, limes, tequila, and love were put into that margarita, and even though I could taste neither the tequila nor the love, it didn’t take too long before it became very apparent that both had been added in abundance.

Everyone had such a fabulous time, and we moms certainly whooped it up as if was the last day of school for us too (but hey – a 2.5 month break from not packing lunches or helping with homework is certainly something to celebrate), and when 10pm rolled around we decided it was probably time to pack it up and go home.

Todd had joined us after work and thankfully said he would drive home, which caused Nadine to ask, “Mom, why aren’t you driving?  Are you drunk?”  I told her that mommy never gets drunk, but that she also never drives after drinking too much.  She just looked at me with a funny little smile on her face, and we all left.

Here’s the recipe for gallon margaritas.  Be very careful if you have more than one!