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Dropped the Kids off at the Movie Theater

movie theater 1941

Tomorrow is my pillow sale, and I have a ton to do to get ready.  So today I figured out a way to get a couple of hours to myself:  Drop the kids off at the movie theater!  So I looked up the movies at the theater near us and Guardians of the Galaxy was playing at 3:15.  Perfect.  Except it’s rated PG-13.  But after doing some on-line research I decided it was okay.  We drove to the theater, I bought the tickets, and told them I’d meet them out front when the movie was over.  Then I ran to JoAnn Fabric and bought a bunch of pillow inserts, drove home to stuff my pillows, and then drove back to the movie theater.  The kids loved the movie and I got some time to myself.  Win win!