Until now, I never...
Facilitated a Session on ‘Edgecrafting’


Today was session two of the Krypton class I organized, and the goal of today’s class was to understand the value of projects that can fix something that is broken. So we chose something that is broken, and imagined potential projects that might solve the problem.  But instead of just brainstorming potential solutions, Seth wanted us to find the edges, and the edges of the edges without regard for practicality.  This is what he calls “edgecrafting” – making your solution remarkable – making your customer feel like he’s getting a free prize.  (You can read more on Seth’s blog.)

This was not that easy.  We chose the somewhat nebulous problem of people starting something new, and how hard it is to do it alone.  And the conversation went everywhere from needing help getting a database set up, to learning about bookkeeping, to overzealous PTA moms.  It was quite a whirlwind, but so great to do as a group.  Everyone had so much to offer from our various life experiences.

The point of the exercise was, as Seth writes, this:  “By beginning with the vicarious thrill of going to the edge of someone else’s problem, we open the door to solving our own.”  I find this whole Krypton experience completely thrilling.  So on to class #3!