Until now, I never...
Filled and Labled All of My Spice Jars


The Christmas before last Todd gave me just what I asked for:  a spice rack.  But it wasn’t quite a rack. It was a big piece of sheet metal and a bunch of spice containers that have a clear top and a magnetic backing.  My idea was that it would be a great space-saver for our tiny kitchen – getting the spices out of the cabinet and onto the wall.  Plus, spices come in such pretty colors, I thought it would l look nice too, like food art.

Todd hung it right up and I started putting spices into the containers, and then I made a few labels with our printer.  But printing labels with the printer for every new spice was not a good way to go.  The ink rubbed off the labels, which were too small and hard to read, but mostly it was just a huge pain in the tush to print those labels.  So either the spices went unlabeled, or got stashed in the cabinet.  And my new spice rack never served it’s purpose.  Until today!

Today, with the help of Nadine, I took black chalk-board contact paper, cut it into circles the size of the containers, cut those circles in half, and then wrote the name of the spices on the containers with white chalk-board pen.  The pen wasn’t very good, but overall it worked well enought.  And if I need to change the name on a label, I just need to take a little Windex-type cleaner and wipe off the old label and put a new one on.  Yippee!  I’m so happy that after more than a year I finally have my well organized, space-saving, and attractive spice storage system.