Until now, I never...
Finger-Knitted a Necklace Out of T-Shirt Material

photo 2

A while back I tried knitting with t-shirt material, and it was really fun and easy.  Today I tried finger knitting with t-shirt material, and I loved it.  I was co-hosting a Campfire Girls meeting at a friend’s house, and she decided to do a craft project with the girls, and taught them how to make necklaces, bracelets, and headbands by finger-knitting.  I jumped on board too, and got super into it.  My friend had gone to Goodwill and found some colorful t-shirts that she cut into “yarn”, so all we had to do was pick a color and get finger knitting.  And it was addictive.  The girls picked it up right away, and each of us made several items.  I’m excited to do some more, and think I might even bring some old t-shirts to the beach this summer and teach my nieces the amazing art of t-shirt finger knitting.  Here are some instructions if you are interested in trying it yourself.