Until now, I never...
Fought my Parking Ticket and Won

the judge

Over mid-winter break I took the kids to the Pacific Science Center and parked on the street.  I paid the meter for the max amount of time, and when we got back to the car, with time to spare, there was a parking ticket on my dash.  WTF?  So I looked around and noticed that on the same sign post where it says “Pay ticket to park” there was another sign that says “Charter Bus Parking Only”.  The problem though was that while the “Pay ticket to park” sign was parallel with the street and clearly visible, the “Charter Bus Parking Only” sign was perpendicular to the street and invisible to me because I made a U-Turn to get into the spot, then backed in to parallel park.  So I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone and sent my parking ticket in with the box checked saying I wanted to dispute the ticket.  I’d never done that before, but I knew I was right.

Last night I checked my calendar and saw that today was the date of my court appearance at 10:30 am.  Shoot!  I had Krypton at noon and to get all the way down town, park, wait to see the judge and get back in time seemed impossible.  I thought maybe I’d just go ahead and pay the $47 + late fees.  But when I went to boot-camp this morning at 6am, my friends convinced me to go to court.  I’d probably make it back in time for Krypton, and if not, they’d hold down the fort for me.  Okay then, I decided to go.

So I went early and got to the courthouse (which, by the way, is a gorgeous building with beautiful art) at 10am.  The judge saw me right away and in a matter of minutes he dismissed the ticket and gave me a warning.  “Next time it is really up to you to look around and make sure it is okay to park,”  He said.  No problem…

Then I drove home on this beautiful sunny Thursday and made it to Krypton with plenty of time to spare.  Woo hoo!!  It really pays off to talk to your friends.