Until now, I never...
Gave Myself a Uni-Brow


We were out at Grandpa’s house watching the movie The Rocketeer starring Jennifer Connelly, and Nadine and I were drawing at the same time.  She asked me what my ‘I Never’ for today would be and I told her I was still contemplating what it should be.  She had a pen in her hand and tried to make a mark on my face and then we started talking about drawing a mustache on me for an ‘I Never’.  Then we decided a uni-brow would be better.

So she gave me two of her gel pens – a brown one and and black one, I went into the bathroom, and gave myself a uni-brow.  It was so easy to do, and looked pretty good.  Then I went over to Todd and Miles (who was sitting on Todd’s lap), got in real close and asked, “Who do you think is prettier, Jennifer Connelly or mommy?”  They both stared at me like I was crazy, but remained silent, not wanting to answer that question.  I started raising my eyebrows, asking the question again, “I said, who do you think is prettier, Jennifer Connelly or mommy?”  Finally Todd noticed my single eyebrow.  “You gave yourself a uni-brow????”  “Yep, and I’m keeping it.”

MIles started laughing and asked me how long I was going to keep it.  “Until it wears off,”  I told him.  But by the time we got home that night it was practically gone.  So Miles asked me if I would please wear it again then next day, and have it on when I picked him up at school.  I said I would and Nadine said, “Don’t even talk to me then.”

So the next day, at around 2:45 pm I decided I would do what Miles asked, and wear the uni-brow to school.  I put it on this time with eye-brow pencil and a black pen, and it looked darn good.  (For a uni-brow that is.)

I got to the play-ground and Nadine and her friend ran up to me and her friend said “Nice uni-brow!” and they gave me big hugs.  (So nice.)   Then I saw a dad who asked me if I’d seen his son.  No reaction.  Then I saw my mom group and from a distance they were already looking at me funny.  Can’t fool them.  “What the???  Oh… this is one of your ‘I Nevers’”  And they laughed.  And they tolerated me.  Then they said, “You can wipe it of now.”  Nope.  Finally Miles showed up with a big smile and said, “He guys, check out my mom’s uni-brow.”  He was very happy, and that made it all worth it. And then I forgot I was wearing it.  Until Todd came home that night and said, “You still have your uni-brow on?”  Oops.