Until now, I never...
Gave Up Sugar for Lent


I am not a religious person, and haven’t observed Lent for a long long time.  I grew up in a mixed family:  Catholic + Protestant, but we were mostly Catholic.  Back east in the 70s where I grew up, everyone knew what you were and what church you went to.  Sometimes we even went to our friend’s churches and thought, wow, this church is so weird.

I’m not sure what denominations observe Lent, but we did in our family.  I don’t remember going to church on Ash Wednesday to get ashes smeared on my forehead, probably because that was a school day and my dad was working in NYC.  But I do remember giving things up. My sisters and I would would offer to to give up the easy things, like string beans, peas, or raisins.  But that didn’t fly.  Seems to me that every year my dad would make a proclamation that we would all be giving up desert for lent.  Bummer.

So last night at the dinner table we had a little talk about Lent, and I told everyone that I’m going to try to give up sugar for Lent.  Nadine asked me if that meant natural sugars too, like in fruit, and I said no, it would just be anything with added sugar.  Hopefully it won’t bee too hard.

Nadine said she’d like to give up getting a desert in her lunch for Lent.  I was very impressed.  Miles said he’d like to give up his toy Millennium Falcon for five dollars.