Until now, I never...
Got a Bra for Christmas

Christmas is steeped in tradition, and we do pretty much the same thing every year, which made adding an ‘I Never’ to my day a bit challenging.  Like always, we got up, opened presents, nibbled on a late breakfast, admired and played with our presents, got some fresh air at the park, had friends over for drinks, then family over for Christmas dinner.  What was a little different this year though, was that the kids really wanted to get into the gift-giving action.  And even though they don’t have any money, they wanted to pick something out by themselves that they could give to mom and dad.

I took the kids shopping and Nadine picked out a knit cap for Todd, and Miles picked out a Star Wars t-shirt.  Todd did the same.   Nadine picked out an iPhone wallet for me, and when Todd asked Miles what he wanted to get he said, “Well, this is kinda awkward, but mom really wants a new bra.”  Wow, the kid really pays attention!  Fortunately they were at Nordstrom at the time, which is know for it’s excellent bra fitting service, so they went to the women’s department and talked to a sales lady.  She, of course, said that it’s really too hard to buy a bra for someone else and talked them into getting a gift certificate instead.  So that is what I got, and I am so excited to go find that nice sales lady and have her help me find a good bra.  Although it could have been pretty interesting to see just what bra they would have chosen – practical beige or something a bit more racy?  I will be purchasing the basic beige….