Until now, I never...
Got a Lego Speedorz Stuck in my Hair

Lego Chima speedorz

Miles and I drove together to the Science Fair at the kids’ school tonight, and Miles brought his Lego Speedorz with him – a motorcycle-type toy that you launch by pulling a plastic rip-cord through it and releasing.  It’s pretty cool.  But while he was in the back seat of the car he pulled the rip-cord and, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to release it in my hair.  As soon as he did he realized what a bad idea this was.  “Oh my god mom, I’m so sorry!  I’m really really sorry!”  Well, that didn’t sound too good.

When we got to the school I tried to get it out, but my hair was wound up super-tight in that thing.  “You’re going to have to cut it mom.”  I thought he was right, but I didn’t have scissors, and I wanted a third opinion.  Fortunately it wasn’t wound up so tightly that it hurt, so I decided I’d wear the thing to the Science Fair and see if anyone noticed.  And almost nobody did!  One dad, about an hour I after I got there said, “Uh, you have something stuck in your hair.”  I explained and he laughed awkwardly.  He was the only one.

As the night was winding down I met up with Todd and a bunch of other parents and showed them my problem.  Todd, who can get out practically any knot said we’d have to cut it at home.  But apparently my friend Kim is even better at getting out knots, and she was actually able to remove the Lego Speedorz from hair. Thank you Kim!!!!  Because that would not have been a good cut to make.  Miles was pretty thankful as well.