Until now, I never...
Got a Parafin Wax Pedicure


I like to kick off the summer with a nice pedicure, and Nadine and I usually go to Jenny Nails down the street because they take out the dremel and really go to town on my feet, and Nadine always gets little gems put onto her nails.  But a friend of mine had been raving about another place up the street where she goes, also called Jenny Nails, because they give you the paraffin wax treatment.  So today I decided to give it a try, to see what works better – the paraffin wax, or the dremel.

The place was packed but we got side-by-side pots immediately, picked out our colors (solid gold for me and turquoise for Nadine), got a stack of magazines, and got comfortable.  Nadine’s pedicure only took a matter of minutes.  Besides trimming her toenails and putting on the polish, there’s not a lot of work to be done on those beautiful, young, soft, perfect feet.  Not the case with me!  I’ve been toughening up my feet with 47 years of heavy usage that an hour at the salon is just not going to reverse.

After soaking my feet, getting the leg massage and the nail trim, the plastic bags came out.  I don’t know exactly what the concoction was that she mixed in there, but when she tied the bags to my feet the heat felt amazing.  After a few minutes the whole thing came off and my feet were soft and supple.  Amazing!  Then she slapped on the polish and I joined Nadine under the foot driers.

So, which is better, the dremel or the paraffin?  Well, as good as the wax treatment felt, I’m going to have to with dremel.  Within a few hours after the wax treatment the skin on my feet looked flaky.  So I think that grinding the skin off with power tools is definitely the way to go.  So next time, it’s back to Jenny Nails!