Until now, I never...
Got Free Mulch from an Arborist


I have been riding my bike to work every morning since December, and often as I pedal through the quiet streets I will slow down and admire this one beautifully humongous tree situated the front yard of a teeny little house.  It’s some sort of spruce tree, but with a huge trunk at the base, and then what seems like several huge trunks dividing out of it.  It is such an incredible tree that one morning as I was riding by I decided to stop and take a picture of it so I could show my kids, thinking they would probably love to climb it. Here’s the picture:

the big treeBut last week as I was riding by, the street was closed off to traffic (not bikes though!) and as I got closer to my favorite tree, I saw why the street was closed.  One of the huge branches of the trees had broken off from the rest, crushed a car, and lay splayed in the middle of the street.  Oh no!  There were neighbors all around, and of course I stopped to get the scoop.  Apparently at around 6:30 a.m. the ground began to rumble – people in several houses felt it, and then the crash.  I guess one of the neighbors missed getting squashed in his car, having left his potentially deadly parking spot at 6:27 a.m.  Thankfully nobody was hurt, but things weren’t looking too good for the tree.  It was going to have to come down.  Bummer.

fallen branch

So for the next few mornings, as I rode my bike past my favorite tree, a huge truck was parked in front of the house, and  arborists were in the process of taking down the tree.  It made me sad, but I was pretty impressed with their ability to take down such a huge tree in such a small space.  Then yesterday I asked them if I could have some of the wood chips to use as mulch in my garden.  The answer was yes.

So today I went and got Todd’s pickup truck, and after school I went over to my favorite tree, and started loading up.  Well, I didn’t really do much loading – the really nice helper guy filled up several garbage cans and dumped them into the back of the truck.  Wow, it smelled amazing.  One of the neighbors saw what I was doing and came by with a wheel barrow, and filled up a few loads for herself.

Then it was back to my house, where for the next few hours I hauled and arranged mulch in all of the beds.  I was told at a nursery that the arborist mulch is excellent because it lasts a long time, lets the water in, but keeps the weeds at bay.  I love that it was free, and most of all I love that I have part of my favorite tree in my own yard.  It looks and smells great!

bye bye tree