Until now, I never...
Got our Living Room Rug Professionally Cleaned


Nadine’s making the TV room her own room has caused a lot of shifts in the house, especially in the living room.  I had to move the TV and the cabinet the TV sits on into the living room, which meant completely rearranging the furniture.  So the first thing I did was roll up the rug, and ick, it was disgusting.  Not only was it so full of dust, but there were marks on the hard wood floor from the ‘accidents’ that had seeped through from my poor old dog Sadie during her final days.  So I threw it outside, shook out some dust, and took it to DA Burns to get professionally cleaned.  It was kind of expensive, but I love that rug.  It really ties the room together.  So when I picked it up a few days later, holy cow, it was more beautiful than ever, and makes the ‘new’ living room feel super cozy.