Until now, I never...
Got Rejected by Seth Godin for his Next Seminar


As expected, I got rejected from Seth Godin’s “Agenda Session” seminar.  But I have to say, I got about the nicest rejection letter ever.  And I don’t regret applying for a second.  Here’s what the letter said:

I confess that when I saw the quality (and the quantity) of applications for my seminar, my jaw dropped.

I was overwhelmed by the heart and soul that you shared, by the quality of work that you’re doing, and by the impact that you and the other applicants are making in the world.

I have no team here, it’s just me, and I gladly put in the time to review every application that came in.

Alas, as you may have guessed, I wasn’t able to find a spot for you in the program.

This is my loss, clearly. I couldn’t even TRY to find the very best people… instead, all I could do was create an interesting cross-section, put together a group of people who I thought might engage with me and with each other in a way that’s greater than the whole.

Please, then, accept my thanks for taking the time and for your continued work in making a difference.

PS I’ll be matching the donation you made to Acumen.

Good luck in your future work!


PS my apologies if you got this note twice. Email doesn’t work the way it used to, and I figured it was better to duplicate than to leave someone out.


Seth Godin