Until now, I never...
Got Rid of My Beloved Old iMac


More than two years ago I bought a big beautiful new iMac to replace my old, sluggish, vintage model.  I told the kids that this new iMac was for me, and the old one was for them.  Ha!  They never touched that old thing that could barely play a YouTube video or any of the Lego Star Wars games.  But I kept around thinking I just might need it.  Well, I never really did, and it just sat there collecting dust, still looking cute, like Steve Job’s pretty version of E.T.

So I decided it was time to say ‘good-bye’.  Well, not really ‘good-bye’, more like ‘it’s time for you to go live in the attic’.  So I dusted her off, and moved her to her new home.  I couldn’t bring myself to actually take her to the dump.

I look forward to the day when I can show her to my grandchildren and say, “This was the height of technology in the year 2000.”  And they will laugh, and laugh….