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Had a Draw-fest at Grandma’s House

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We go over to Grandma’s house regularly to visit and enjoy a fabulous meal.  (Lucky us!)  One thing we almost never do while we’re there is watch TV or have any screen time.  She’s not really set up for that.  So instead we eat (a lot!), play games, talk, and in the summer we swim.  But tonight Miles wanted to draw.  So he and I started drawing what we were calling ‘underwater gardens’ and before we knew it, Todd joined in, then Grandma, and finally Nadine.   It was awesome.  Everyone was super into it, and I love seeing our personalities come out in our creations.

Miles draws detailed yet simple, imaginative line drawings that he draws from memory.  Nadine loves bold patterns and colors and she erases a lot to get the exact look she wants.  Todd draws very detailed realistic yet cartoony drawings.  He is a good artist.  Grandma is amazing with water colors – very realistic and colorful.  Me, I am about simple lines, cartoony and colorful.  I like filling the whole piece of paper.  Here’s what we drew:

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